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Thread: Weapons coatings

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    hehehe, don't say never, I did it. Was tired and grumpy from detail stripping a Beretta which had some pins that didn't wanna come out of the decocker, finally got it all taken down and refinished, then surprise doesn't fit anymore!!! be careful

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunbuilder69 View Post
    2 colors 125.00,3 colors 175.00. this is the snakeskin pattern we're talking about right?

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    I have a friend of mine who just did up his 1911 with some Wheeler Cerama-Coat he picked up from MidwayUSA, and it turned out really nice. I'm thinking about picking some up myself. Feels good and has a nice flat black to it, almost like Stove paint. You do want to make sure you degrease REALLY well before applying. He got a very minute amount of flaking towards the front where he missed some dust and or grease.

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    i like the Mcnett tape

    breaks up the pattern of the weapon and you can remove it as the seasons change and you need different colors.

    I have acu and snow

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    Default my gun coatings experiences.

    FOr metals I love KG GunKote. It does have to be baked on but the overall finish is superhard. It does not fill in blemishes in the metal at all though. It is a very thin finish, if properley applied it should be about .004 thick when cured, I do alot of guns with it and I coat the internals as well as the external surfaces. For plastics nothing beats Brownells Aluma-hyde II.

    For the guy with the pitted revolver...If your going to gunkote it those pits can be filled in with JB weld before it painted over. If done properly knowone will ever know. Heres a few pics of an 870 bolt that was repaired with JB.

    Here is the 870 bolt that was coated with Gun Kote over the pitting.

    This is the bolt after the repair, before Gun Kote.

    after KG

    Heres a few pics of some KG and alumahyde guns.

    Mossberg 9200 in Gun Kote OD Green

    Aluma Hyde II

    Aluma Hyde II again.

    KG Gun Kote on the barrel and magazine.

    Another 870 I did in KG Gun Kote. The green one is OD Green Satin amd the tan one is Flat Dark Earth.

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