Ham Radio Complete Portable Kit For Sale.

All items are as new, used less than 5 times total.

Yaesu 857D 100 watt HF/ VHF/UHF Unlocked with MARS MOD from Dealer
Kenwood TMV-71A Dual band , Dual channel UHF/VHF
Diamond Antenna Wattmeter SX-200
LDG Z-11 Pro II Tuner with cable for 857D (reduces output when tuning)
Windy Nation P30 solar charger
Rig Runner 4008 Anderson power pole station 12v
Rack mount case 4U with shelf
Road Pro speakers RPSP-15 (2)
All cables and connectors for a plug ní play system ready to go.
Just add your antenna.
Cash only sales, no trades please. Over $1800.00 in this package.
Selling for $1400.00
Email me at ....hadite81@yahoo.com for more pics No Shipping!!!!