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Thread: food stamp increase

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    Default food stamp increase

    the libetards are crafty
    they have figured out a way to accomplish more wealth transfer by executive order.
    this time food stamps

    heading for a 20% increase
    how they are doing it is have the dept of agriculture adjust the contents of the "market basket" of foods which serves as the basis to figure cost.
    bingo 20% increase in food stamps

    "This is really meaningful," according to Harvard professor Jason Furman, who was chairman of former President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers. "Itís one of the bigger things government can do for poverty without Congress."

    According to Furman, the Obama administration didn't adjust the market basket because Republicans then controlled both houses of Congress.

    "We made a pragmatic decision that it not only could be overridden by a Republican Congress, but they could put something worse in its place. So we decided not to poke the bear," he said.

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    Yet another bullet in their attempt to keep employees at home on their butt, instead of needing a job. Also more benefits equates in long run to more fraud, in all social handouts.
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