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Thread: Bug out trailer project

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    Following this thread. Some good ideas already. The tires are a biggie to me.
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    Got the trailer hitch installed on my wifeís SUV. This is not the first trailer hitch Iíve installed. Usually you need a floor jack to help raise it up into place until you get the nuts and bolts started. Well, letís just say itís been a few years since I put a trailer hitch on. Conveniently my belly was just the right size to hold the hitch in place instead of a floor jack. It worked out great!!!

    The wire harness was, for the most part, just a plug and play unit. Unplug the tail light harness on the SUV on each side and plug the harness in. Had to add a ground which was easy enough as well. There is a power wire that this adapter needs that I have not ran yet. Iíll have to pull the SUV in our garage sometime this weekend or next weekend to get that done since we are planning on picking the trailer up at the end of this month.

    Got online this week and went ahead and ordered some batteries for this. These are the cells;

    Iíve got a few of these already and they are nice so I ordered a lot more! The battery will have to be assembled which is going to be time consuming, but will have a capacity of 200 amp/hrs at 12 volts. IF each cell were maxed out in this battery then it would have the capability of putting out 5,000 amps of current CONTINUOUSLY with a 3 second surge rating of 10,000 amps!!! These cells are VERY capable. However, the battery will be fused with about a 300 amp fuse to keep things a little more sane, and to limit each cell to only produce 12 amps. This should help to improve longevity while still being enough power to run anything I would want to run while keeping weight low. Just the cells in this battery will weigh 66 pounds total. That is about half the weight of a comparable AGM battery while having 6 times longer life span. I can deal with that!
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    Cav I had another thought...replace the wheel bearings whether they need it or not. Better safe than sorry.

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