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Thread: National Emergency ??!!!

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    Default National Emergency ??!!!

    Resident Biden today declared a "National Emergency " over the " Russia " threat .

    Get ready folks, all hell is about to break loose. God knows what they will do using this as an excuse .

    I'd bet my left one this has something to do with the Evergiven and the Suez canal. Word is some WMDs were taken off that ship. US on one end, Russia on the other , working together . Deep state in a panic, pulling out all stops.

    One more thought ; Where the hell is the MSM on this ? They raised holy hell at the possibility President Trump would declare a National Emergency, but Biden does it and not a peep ?
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    To me the Russia threat is a hoax....someone is gaslighting us big the left/Democrats switch to following a Communist Chinese pattern and not an American Pattern of operation..

    And in true leftist/Democrat pattern ...they must blame someone ...they must manufacture a bad guy on whom to focus and distract America and Americans so that they, the left, get the field themselves.

    I still believe that Trump and Putin are both fighting the same globalists/internationalists who have been secretly running both Russia and the USA for years and years .now to facilitate their globalist plans/goals.

    I believe America has been doing this for the globalists since the Boxer Rebellion/Spanish American a willing partner/dupe in the globalist schemes.

    I also believe that Trump and Company were on to them.....and so too Putin. Putin is now standing alone in this..against the Globalists....and the Globalists are using their connections to make Russia into the next bad guy while protecting their globalist investment in Communist China.

    Communist China was and still is the key monied investment of Western/Globalist money powers who have secretly/privily operated behind many puppet governments for Centuries...

    These monied groups are loyal to no country, people, or government but only to their power/profit.

    And this is not an education you will get in any public school and not likely in private schools as well.

    But there are people who have spoken on this from time to time...and the "Ever War" is one source ...there are others..

    That this story is so obviously hidden speaks of the very Occult nature of the real power set up and struggle in this world...

    And this is why it is called "The Ever War" from the Garden of Eden unto today.

    As to Russia and the I election took place in the Ukraine and it was put to a public vote and the Ukrainians voted to stay allied with Russia..

    That is to me their business..but someone in the west is trying to destabilize the Ukraine with a civil war....and sending arms to them to keep it going.

    This in like manner to how someone in the west worked to destabilize both Egypt and Libya by sending arms and sponsoring a take over in these countries.

    This business of destabilizing and interfering with foreign governments by western governments continues today...and with it the blame game to conceal this from the television and or movie trained public.

    Russia is the source for Natural Gas for heating in Europe...and money powers in the west have been trying to establish another source for natural gas the Middle East to Europe via pipeline...and this pipeline was to run through Syria..
    This is the reason for much of the manufactured instability in the Middle East including the attempt to De Stabilize Syria as they are a Russian Ally and Russia wants to keep access to Syrian Ports.
    This is the reason for Russia getting involved in going after Isis and other radical Islamic offshoots trying to destabilize Syria. Putin took the gloves off....a lesson we need to learn when dealing with many of these groups.

    Russia must be manufactured into a bad guy while at the same time getting us to take our eyes off the leftist future model for America and Americans ....Communist China.

    As to the Russians and their submarines in the Arctic ...I watched the videos and busted out laughing.....if you know....more than a television and or movie Disneyland education...

    Watch/listen to the silence of the Republicans while this is going on ....

    Ishmaelites run keep us afraid................again!!!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02
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    Russian Submarines in the me...

    If you know what you are looking at ..this video is laughable.....

    Watch the video.....particularly the surfaced submarine parts...

    Notice that the wings on the part of the structure appear to be sticking out of the sides of said structure....they are oriented vertical...instead of their normal position which is horizontal when they are cruising underwater...

    This condition is called..."under Ice." This prevents these wings from getting bent or damaged when breaking through thick ice...

    Notice the thick ice on the top of the sail structure and on the hull????

    You do not operate well with thick ice covering the do not want to be operating this equipment and get ice jammed into the operating gear and so damage it...including missile tubes..

    Notice they did not open any missile tubes when surfaced through the ice like this and neither do our submarines.....very telling if you can think further than Disneyland...and fear.

    The design of a submarine is primarily for stealth.....

    Surfacing through the ice in this manner makes you no longer stealthy .....If you are going to operate any missile tubes or hatches you need to get people out to clear the ice off this gear which takes time and means you are on the surface longer and not stealthy.

    Do you really think we do not have satellites circling over the poles...north and south poles 24/7 and capable of seeing day and night????

    Do you really think we do not have the sea floor under the arctic Ice seeded with listening devices???? 24/7???

    Disneyland anyone????

    Submarines are designed to launch missiles when submerged in water...not with ice overhead....

    But this is good for scaring people.


    Now ...what I really want to know is when someone is going to put a 7 Eleven and then a Wal Mart and or Target out on the ice flow.....????

    Disneyland....??? Will it be us or the Russians??? Or will it be the Deep State????

    Be warned the Ishmaelites keeping you afraid all the time....

    You must be kept properly affrighted....via a television and or movie education...

    Translate that as disarmed....mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    Wow ! Don't know this guy or if he is legit, but he's making some serious accusations against Bill Gates and what was on the Evergreen ship;

    Chemical weapons to be used in concert with 5G to destroy beef farming and animal agriculture. No wonder Gates is buying up so much land.

    You have to scroll down to find the video.
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    I'll try an find the article later, but an Italian law maker said Bill Gates needed to be arrested for crimes against humanity
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    the jump off could be as soon as mid-next week - still moving the landing craft in from the Caspian >> looks like most of everything else is in theater - last count it was at 130,000 troops and largest concentration of armor since WW2 Kursk ....

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    I told a friend of mine about the ship story she said check it out on snopes first

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    Hahaha Snopes? What a joke!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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