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Thread: Project DIY table saw

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    Default Project DIY table saw

    My mind never stops, so neither do my projects!

    On the off grid work shop, I needed to cut some small 1Ē wide strips of wood to help ensure the hardy board stays attached to the walls and ceiling. But, I do not own a table saw, nor do I have enough room to store one and it would not get used enough to warrant buying one. So, since Iíve got 2 cordless 18v Ryobi circular saws Iíll just make a temporary one.

    The primary goal is to have the 1Ē strips be straight, no permanent modifications done to the circular saw, and it needs to be built out of scrap wood.

    With no plans I just started building as a picture in my head started to form as to how it needs to be. After about an hour, it was done!

    Hopefully these pictures actually upload correctly!


    So I clamped it down to a pair of saw horses, used a zip tie to squeeze the trigger, and began feeding cedar fence pickets into it. 5 minutes later the battery died but not before I got a lot of strips ripped!


    Next time I use it Iíll have to make sure I put a fully charged battery on it.

    On to the next project..........
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    Necessity is the mother of invention. Good job !!

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    did that with a big old bastard of a power saw - it was a "flooring saw" >>> all metal construction - large platform base - like a 3hp motor - weighed close to 25lbs >> it would rip 4" X 4"s like luan plywood ....

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    Good job Cav. Making do with what you have is a top sign of being prepared.
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