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Thread: Have I gone off the deep end with my thinking?

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    Default Have I gone off the deep end with my thinking?

    Two things I remember from living in two other states.
    Justine Kerfoot of Minnesota
    And the trash burner stove in the basement of my mothers house in North Dakota

    Justine Kerfoot from what I remember of her through reading about her life was this one thing is stuck in my head is she went to Minnesota and made a life and a reputation for herself there. The biggest thing in my mind was she helped to map some of the Boundary waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
    The second thing is that if a cabin burned down and there was boards or logs or what have you left that was anything salvageable she sat down and pulled out any reusable nails.
    I had the pleasure of being able to go up to Gunflint Lodge in Grand Marais Minnesota and work for her son and grandson as a front desk/housekeeper.
    She built that place from the ground up I would imagine with some help but she was doing thingsthat women didnít do back then and she made a good living
    Pulling nails. And she survived literally right on the Canadian border

    Second the trash burner stove:
    This thing was in the house in the basement when my mom bought the place
    An old white enamel one burner wood burner that the couple used to burn things like cereal boxes and shoe boxes and any kind of thin cardboard that wasnít corrugated

    Now we get to my point:
    Tinder and ií m not talking about the cotton balls rubbed in Vaseline kept in a metal tin.
    Straight to the burnables- grocery store or shopping receipts are all made of paper. Can labels most are made of paper.
    Iím taking all my grocery and shopping receipts and wadding them up into balls. Not to tight but tight enough to not take up a lot of room in a container
    And cereal boxes , S.O.S. pad boxes, ziplock bag boxes, tea bag boxes are getting cut into strips to use for tinder for fire starting
    Now Iíve got started with this just last week and Iíve got a good start on it.
    Now about containers for the strips and rolled up receipts-
    I buy Knorr granulated bouillon in 2.2 lb plastic canisters with screw on lids I get the Tomato, the Chicken and the Beef flavored with screw on lids
    So since Iíve got my portion control thing up and running with all kinds of Mylar bags going on I Figured I would do the bouillon granules as well.
    That left me with empty canisters. Do you get where Iím going with this yet?
    As of now three of the canisters are packed good with tinder materials.
    The flat pieces of cardboard strips will be bent into what I would call crinkle cut French fries to lay over the paper wads and yes I do have some of the Vaseline coated cotton balls in tin containers
    But I want to spend less to get more
    Repurpose to recycle to get what I would need to persevere
    And noooooo Iím not cutting up corrugated cardboard boxes
    And I wonít be bendinding up all the strips ahead of time
    Sooo thatís my story and Iím sticking to it
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    That's the way our ancestors did things. Don't waste anything that has a use. I remember my daddy sayng that at butchering time the only part of the hog they didn't use was the squeal, and that was only because they couldn't catch it and put it in a jar.
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    We also used to belong to a paperback swap club when my kids were toddlers. Moms idea, She would show up with a big black garbage bag full of Harlequinn Romance novels. Just about what a struggling single mom needed right?
    And of course they were free. So I read what I could stand and used those pages for my barrel stove
    Burned a lot of housewife porn let me tell you lol
    I just twisted the pages for tinder and I can truly say I can stoke them barrel stoves with just the right sizes of cut wood
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    You have not gone off the deep end at all. Itís good to put these ideas into use while things are easy. That way when things get hard you already are familiar and know how to do it. My family and I waste a lot, Iíll admit it. But the only way we could burn any of our trash is to dig a pit in the back yard.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    When I was a child my family owned a bakery. We had an old pot belly stove where we used to burn stale donuts. Talk about burning HOT... We had that thing glowing red many a time! Later, we moved to a place where we had no trash pickup. A 55 gallon barrel ventilated with a pick-ax did everything we needed to get by.

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