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Thread: Georgia Voter integrity law..proving the lefts drug codependency on race...

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    Default Georgia Voter integrity law..proving the lefts drug codependency on race...

    This recent Georgia Voter Law is proving out the Left and their Co Dependency on Race/Critical Race Theory to herd all of America by race....and thus for them to keep and maintain power in perpetuity.

    I have been thinking and saying for some time now that the Left in this country has been Co Dependent on Race and Racism/Critical Race keep and maintain power and control over the American Herd.

    Their tactic appears to fame every and any disapproval of what they are doing in terms of Race...and Racism/Critical Race Theory....and thus shame and guilt Americans into compliance.

    Now with this Georgia Election Integrity Law recently passed...the left has come out swinging.

    They are, and in predictable manner, attempting to frame the whole issue in terms of race when the Attempt was to bring about more election integrity after the fiasco of the 2020 Presidential Election.

    They are trying a tabloid End Run around the will of the American people and the people in particular of Georgia.

    And Tabloid is becoming, to me, the correct word to be used here to describe events taking place because the tabloid media and now our tabloid leadership is in on it.

    To me, and of what they are verily afraid, is that more and more of the American People will catch on and want just such voter integrity laws in their state...

    This has to be race guilt and shame....,and we now see the chief racists leading the charge here...professional racist puppets trying to frame everything in terms of race and racism.

    This illustrates, to me, how heavily co dependent the left is on the drug habit of cocaine or heroin...they must needs put all the rest of us on the race drug...when most of us ..and in particular those of us who can still think for not want to define everything and anything in our lives in terms of race and racism.. we find this disgusting as well as deceitful....and such leadership to be lacking.,

    And the Biden Administration has shown from the very beginning to be very very racist and co dependent on racism to keep America and Americans racially herded...

    Some of us knew that as soon as Biden took the oath of office he would be demonstrating the left's drug habit of race and racial dependency for power..Critical Race Theory.

    And again we see this demonstrated in the Georgia Voter Integrity law......going against States control their elections...

    And also now ..we see major corporations getting involved voicing their opinions to replace the opinions of the voters in Georgia and also to replace Georgia Representative if these corporations and media...corporations as well...are all of America.

    This is an attempt at non Representative government. Be Warned the Ishmaelites at work.

    Again...i think the Left are very very worried that this has to be stopped in and with Georgia.....and not spread to other cannot be allowed..
    But in so doing ..the left is showing their co dependency on race and racism to keep America and Americans herded and away from representative government and into Socialist/Marxist bullying...herd mentality.

    Be prepared in the future as this grows in intensity for this to become open government sponsored and promoted anarchy by way of Corporate America....and especially by a willing media..

    Ishmaelites once again run wild...

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    Be Warned the wild...across this land...

    Not an Ishmaelite

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    I'm not hearing the GA Hollyweird annex getting attacked this time >>> somebody get a hefty donation - ?????

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    It is my belief that 99 % of the people in this country have missed the true hypocrisy , and the evil genius of both the demonrat and RINO parties in passing this bill into law.

    Where was Kemp after the 2020 election when he knew damn well the election was stolen and could have done something to correct it ?

    Does he really believe that anyone with half a cerebral cortex believes he truly cares about fair elections ??!!!

    THat evil prick probably believes the courts will strike it down before the next election , and as corrupt as our courts are , he would probably be right.

    And the demonrats screaming racism is all smoke and mirrors too, they know damn well they still have in place a well-oiled machine capable of stealing any election regardless of the " law " .

    This law is nothing more than a calculated psychological operation by the demonrats and the Rinos to try to appease the right with the ILLUSION of fair elections to come , and the demonrats to have one more excuse to scream racism.

    We are all being played for suckers, accused of being racist by the socialist left and played for idiots by the RINO socialist right , Kemp included .

    Sad to say, we haven't done very damn much to prove either of them wrong.
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    You must have been reading my mind, Bammy
    Make America under God Again

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