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Thread: US Military Field Phones - SurvivalBlog by Michigan Ken

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    Default US Military Field Phones - SurvivalBlog by Michigan Ken

    "If you are looking for a secure communication system for your farm, ranch, or retreat, then look into a military phone system. You can create an ideal communication system, any size, from two positions overnight to multiple positions in a large permanent retreat."

    ​good compiled tech info & advice that you usually don't see outside the military tech manuals >>>>

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    Default have me remembering something I did many years ago..

    While it is not a phone system per se...I put together a twin wire communications system to a lady friend who lived behind me and we were in those days learning Morse code.
    We both had battery boxes with our set ups....and would tap out messages and thus work on our Morse skills.

    I have seen a set up similar to what you are describing wherein the electricians at work fabricate a phone system using the handset from a regular phone and put a 9 volt battery in it...and use it in checking out wiring...for continuity..with someone else on the other end. Not exactly sure of the way the battery is wired in or set up on both ends but it seemed to work well for them..

    However the drawback was that it was battery operated...and thus not all that self sustaining.

    Thanks for the link.

    Not and Ishmaelite.

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