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Thread: How to get away if you are being chased

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    Default How to get away if you are being chased

    Another thread regarding riots got me to thinking that not too many people know how to get away from someone that is chasing you. We are talking about both parties being in vehicles, not a foot pursuit. These tips and tricks are for getting away from bad people who may want to do you harm, not for running from police.

    Letís say you are driving home one night and you come across an area that is shut down by rioters, and cars are staged to catch those who try to flee. That was the exact scenario posted in the other thread. So what do you do? How do you get away from people in as safe of a way as possible? Most of us here own guns, but we can all agree that we do not want to use a firearm in a defensive scenario unless absolutely necessary. So what do you do?

    #1. STAY CALM.

    This is VERY important. When you are calm it helps you to think more clearly, you can make quicker decisions, and those decisions made are going to be better than if you are stressed and panicking.

    #2. Despite how it might feel, YOU ARE IN CONTROL, not the people chasing you. You make the choice as to where to turn, when to slow down, and how fast you go. We all have car insurance so if need be, donít let someone try to force you off the road. It is a lot harder to force a car off the road than what people and movies make it out to be. Paying an insurance deductible to fix a car is cheaper than a funeral.

    #3. If possible, only drive in areas that you are familiar with. If you are familiar with the area, you are already at a strategic advantage over the bad guy. You know where streets go, what obstacles are in the way, and what areas to be careful in, they donít. Use this knowledge to your advantage. If there is a deep ditch on the other side of an intersection, use that information to your advantage. You can try to get them to go too fast entering the intersection by putting some space between you and them prior to the intersection which increases the likelihood they will end up in the ditch. Do you know where a really bad pot hole is that you are approaching and they are on your back bumper? Swerve at the last second so you miss the pot hole but they hit it.

    #4. If possible, head towards your nearest police station as they are chasing you. They donít want to get caught, no bad guy does. Once they realize where you are at, odds are they will stop and make a hasty retreat.

    Iíve had my fair share of people chasing me. Maybe itís from some poor life choices in the past, maybe not. Had a guy in a low rider truck pull out a baseball bat on me while stopped at a stop light. Luckily, the light turned green before he got to my back bumper. He was on my back bumper and obviously had a faster truck than what mine was. So, knowing the area, I made a couple of turns that lead us to a VERY bumpy street. While he had to slow down to less than 5mph, I was able to make a quick get away. One night on the highway, a car cut me off pretty badly. I honked and the driver did not like that. Next thing I know he is swerving his car at my truck. Using traffic to my advantage I managed to get him behind me. At this point, I took over control of the situation. There was no way my truck could outrun his car but as luck would have it, a large piece of debris in the road ahead gave me an outlet. Someone had lost a recliner on the highway and it was in my lane. Right before I hit it, I swerved to an empty lane. In my rear view mirror I lost sight of his headlights but managed to see lots of debris that his car kicked up into the air after hitting that recliner at 65 mph!

    Stay calm, you are in control not them, stay in an area that you are familiar with, and if possible head to a police station as they are following you.

    And most importantly..........
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    you can add in being shot at randomly while on the major roads like the interstates - that is on the rise across the country ...

    we just had a local interstate incident - Nashville ghetto felon took a shot at a vehicle - he missed so he must have thought it was OK to keep driving - nailed him about 30 miles later up the interstate ....

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