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    If any of you have not tried elderberry syrup for cold/flu prevention , I highly recommend it.

    My wife and I started using it last year around this time, right about the time we first heard about the rona. I bought berries and boiled them and made my own syrup. We each took a tablespoon daily. My wife usually gets a cold every spring, then again in the fall. I usually get a cold once a year , nothing serious, head cold mainly, bad sinuses , cough , the usual seasonal thing. Last year, neither of us got a cold, or flu , or rona.

    We slacked a little this month , forgot to take it for a few weeks, and I got a head cold. Mostly sinuses , runny nose , like I used to get. Started the elderberry syrup again, gone in a day.

    For those of you who want to make your own like me, it doesn't smell too good when it's cooking, but after you add the maple syrup or honey, whichever recipe you go with, it sure does taste good .

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    We use it, we have a local elderberry farm that makes theirs. (Apparently it's close enough to us that our elderberry gets pollinated by theirs, because it's not supposed to produce without another, and we lost our other one). I read somewhere that elderberry can cause a cytokine storm with the Rona. Don't know much about it.
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    You do realize that elderberry wine is what stopped that big epidemic back in the 1900s?

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