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Thread: I keep telling you gotta become educated to be this stupid.

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    Default I keep telling you gotta become educated to be this stupid.

    They are not even trying to hide their stupidity ....coming out in the open with it.....after trying to sneak it in the back door.

    THey have no idea that they are promoting official authorized government racism....while claiming to be fighting racism..

    You have to be educated to become this giftedly stuipid and boast of it as virtue....

    For now thank the Lord that most Americans are long putting up with this demonic nonsense....trying to pass for maturity and virtue.

    They seem to have no concept of how immature as well as sickeningly demonic they are while trying to promote their "Herding" programs in singling out people by race to fight racism.

    Herding people by race to fight racism.....only education can stupid people down this far that they think this is virtuous....when it is herding is racism.

    And they try to call others who dissent Nazis???? You have to be educated to become this giftedly stupid and think it is virtuous.

    They are manufacturing their socially and politically needed bad guys as did the Nazis.

    I was told about this involving Coca Cola this morning and sure enough it was posted on Breitbart News..

    Ishmaelites run wild...trying to put others into their bondage...

    This is going to increase across the nation as certain politicians and their party demonstrate their co dependency on race and racism like a drug habit...cocaine and heroin.....dependent on racism to keep their power over the herd...for votes.

    And all the while the Republicans will be their usual silent.

    I know what happened down at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico as I know people therein employed and talked with them about what happened when they separated people out by race for special training in Critical Race Theory...just as did the Nazis.. ..And Casey Peterson told on them...went public.

    The Trump Administration tried to stop this blatant racism....but many leftists keep putting it back into the curriculum and now with the Biden Administration they feel entitled to their racism as virtuous and the point of becoming demonic about it.

    They are become predictable in their demonism...hence dependent on it....

    Ishmaelites run wild...

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    Yep, and one of the other recent items that are being pushed again is reparations. But they donít dare talk about reparations for the families of slaves that were not black, because that would be racist. WHAT THE .................

    OT, Iím beginning to like your point that you have to be educated to be this stupid.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    DARN!!! Gonna have to find me a new soft drink! ANYTHING not produced by Coca Cola. But, wait!!! I already have it. Water from my well. Its good, sweet water and much healthier for me.
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    By 91CavGT....

    OT, Iím beginning to like your point that you have to be educated to be this stupid. it certainly fits in this time of advanced promoted institutional insanity trying to pass for the new normal. Which is why it is demonic bondage. A type of 180 degree flip flop.

    This is a demonic form of promoting government official racism with the intent to secure votes in the upcoming elections.

    So many things the left does can be broken down over the long run as trying to buy/secure votes for upcoming elections.

    And one of the tried and true forms of doing this in history is the manufacturing of a bad guy to keep and maintain power...

    You can see them doing it while the phony fake Republicans are silent.

    It also helps greatly when you are dealing with people who have primarily a television and movie education in instant emotions/gratification...not in thinking..,.

    Jerry Springer, Phil Donahue, and Oprah...

    Not an Ishmaelite
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