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    Default GMRS license.

    I知 going to get my GMRS license sometime this month . Or when I have the money.
    The hand held radios I have chosen are the BTECH V1 GMRS radios. From what I have read the BTECH V1 is programmed to transmit on GMRS only and it will receive on other frequencies. That way I can use it to monitor my local emergency services.
    Plus the NOAA weather service .
    I wanted to get the Wouxun KG805G but those are hard to get. Every time I have the money to buy one there out of stock.
    So I have chose the BTECH V1 . Also I can afford two of them for a little more then the cost of the Wouxun.
    Later on I知 going to build my base station at the house I will use the Midland MXT115.
    The plan is for us to be able to communicate on the 200 acres we live on . I live in hilly country with lots of trees so I知 guessing I知 going to have to build a couple simplex repeaters .. Before I get that much money into it I want to see what ranges we get with out a repeater. If a repeater is to be used I will set it up to where the base station can reach it . Then I will test where the people using hand held units need to be to reach each other and the repeater to base unit.
    What I知 trying to do or accomplish is that no matter where we are on the property we can communicate. It may take a couple of repeaters. I hope not but it may . Others in the group have GMRS radios plus there not into getting a HAM or the license. So we all agreed on GMRS . Most of them will have midland Mico mobile radios. Knowing most of them it will be the 5 watt models . I知 the owner of the property so I知 responsible for most of the communication set up. The others are bringing the UTVs and ATVs . So in SHTF situation we should have a decent community set up with communication . Luckily it痴 family. So if you guys have any suggestions for getting the most out of our GMRS communication set up I would like to here it.
    We have even thought about MURS as a back up and for house /camper set up also. I said earlier that the base station was going to be the Midland MXT115 that痴 only till I can afford the MXT400. Plus a way to power it .

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    Sorry this was meant for the communication section. Not sure how to move it.

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    I'm currently a Ham General class and working on my Extra class ticket. I also have a GMRS license so that my kids who live about a mile from each other can communicate on my license. They don't want a HAM ticket, so I did it. Repeaters are pricey and have to be powered, but you might be able to accomplish it using cross band repeating.
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    200 acres isn't huge.. Try the radios fist, you may be surprised.
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    Those radios operate in the UHF band of some 400 plus Mega Hertz. The antennas on them are not that effecient.

    Had I those kinds of radios I would build myself a base station antenna and put it up high into tree and then use my walkie talkie as a base station via an antenna adapter.

    I notice that those antennas will unscrew and I would get an hook up the radio to a base station antenna and thus improve the efficiency of those rigs.

    I have high powered ham mobile radios and base station antennas ..even SWR meters to read any mismatch....that can operate in the GMRS frequency bands.

    My Baofeng radios will work in the GMRS/FRS frequencies and I can manually program them into my radios.

    Almost all walkie talkies the range and antenna are marginal at best...even ham walkie talkies..

    I extend the range on my walkie talkies by using a better screw in antenna...hooking it up to a magnetic mobile roof mount antenna, or to a base station antenna via an antenna adapter....

    Or if need be go to the roof of a building or even a parking garage to get altitude..

    Just some of the things you can learn to do to make your walkie talkies more efficient....useful....any walkie talkie with an antenna which can be unscrewed...and replaced with a better antenna. Nothing says you have to screw into it another walkie talkie can be a base station antenna.

    I am in the process of recharging my walkie talkie Baofeng radio battery from inside my car as I type this out now.

    I will not buy a walkie talkie in which I cannot unscrew the antenna and screw in a more efficient is my way.

    Hope this helps some of the members here..

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    Another option is 6M band (50MHz - 55MHz). It is on the low end of the old Broadcast VHF TV. It can be received Miles away and pushes out a ground wave, which can go around terrain. I use it to communicate to Mrs. Uncle, when I am out hunting or exploring.
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