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Thread: Gun control bill

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    Default Gun control bill

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    I dont even care at this point...come n getem.. Hehe

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    I lost all my guns in a boating accident, except for my daughter’s Red Rider BB gun.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    Do you license your rights???? Rights from God...not from man???

    Is this a very underhanded way of switching jurisdictions from rights to privileges granted by the sovereign and away from God??

    Licenses to speak. Insurance to al....see where this is going???

    Licenses to own private property?????

    This opens up huge problems across this land once you attach licenses to Rights from God....

    You have to be educated in 24 Carat Stupid to not know this...about Rights from God versus privileges from a sovereign and apparently Shelia Jackson Lee is not aware or hugely stupid.....and working against their oath of trying to put a license on ones Rights from God.

    I keep telling the members here that you have to be educated to be this giftedly stuipid....and Shelia Jackson Lee is demonstrating her educated stupidity..

    I also keep telling the members here.....that......

    If you cannot be trusted with your gun you will never be trusted with your .and the list goes on...

    Notice carefully that the MSM is avoiding this line of thinking and working the "Socially Herding" angle...the guilt and shame angle...the racist angle and any other label they can put on this....,.about a Right from God..

    Anything but Rights from God...

    Government has no business putting licenses and insurance on your Rights from God.

    Ironic to me that so few of these pro gun groups teach this as well.....they should instead of their scare tactics....So too should the NRA..

    IN this manner to me the NRA is a huge let down.

    Notice that the first 10 Amendments are all limits on government.

    Shelia Jackson Lee is promoting unlimited government in licenses, taxes, and insurance...,.,putting this under corporate jurisdiction...Admiralty Maritime Law...corporate law...not Rights from God.

    You members need to be spreading this basic knowledge about the difference in Rights from God here in America...the USA...and privileges granted by the they have in the UK and the Continent.

    Someone is betting that most of you do not know the difference much less teach it to others..and they would be correct...

    Be Warned the Ishmaelites seeking to put you and yours into bondage...trying to entrench corporate law...admiralty maritime law...not the Constitution...

    Shelia Jackson Lee is an Ishmaelite....and clearly so demonstrating this to people who can see hear and understand.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    Sheila J. Lee introduces this almost yearly. It is not going to become law.

    That doesn't mean gun control won't happen. We know Biden wants to grab semi autos. Stay frosty.

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    DOA at committee.

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