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Thread: Kitchen garden relocation

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    We could have installed a straight 500 or even another 250 but we chose this system. Our rural county is unrestricted. What sold me on this system was the field lines. They are roughly 4ft deep, 3ft diameter panels X 3, and roughly 4 ft apart at 65ft long each.

    Instead of installing a new system ourselves like we did the old one, we chose to hire a professional Co install this one. If you go to B&R Septic system, you can see the system we had installed. It blew me away watching the process when they installed ours. Impressive and worth the money!
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    Sounds like a great system should last a lifetime.
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    It better!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    After reading this thread, I feel better about myself and the conversations around our sailing community involving poop managment. It's all fun and games until your playing in poo instead of sharing cocktails on a friday night.

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