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    I use grapes for a variety of things. Juice, leaves for wraps, table grapes, jams and jellies, and just plain eating. Oh and let's not forget about wine.

    I have Agria grapes, and just got some cuttings of Ives and Canadice vines. I have grown them both and I was excited to add them to my greenhouse to plant as soon as it warms up outside.

    All three are good grapes to eat, but Agria makes the best juice and wine. Agria's leaves are bright red in the fall, which signals time to harvest. Canadice is seedless and makes a great table grape, for cooking and eating. I have not grown Ives in a while, but it is one of the predecessors of the Concord grape. All three are very hardy, pretty cold tolerant, and VERY disease resistant. Keep them thinned out and you shouldn't have any troubles.

    I built an arbor that extends my patio and provides more shade in the summer. When the leaves fall off the vines, the low winter sun comes into the house.
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    I have a concord vine in my back yard. Great grand kids love'em. Long about June every summer they start asking, "Papa, when will the grapes be ripe"? Those and my blueberries. They can't get enough of either.

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    I have Concord and 2 types of muscadines,white and red.
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    Only Mustang grapes down here wild, and they too acidic to eat raw. Great jelly but they kill every tree that I saw them grow up through.
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