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Thread: not sure what to make of this ...but check it out for yourself..

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    Default not sure what to make of this ...but check it out for yourself..

    Someone sent this to me today...and I am not sure what to make out of it...but I know to be very dubious about the MSM.....Very dubious.

    Interesting if there is even a little truth to it.....

    You members decide for yourselves. Not sure if another member has posted this as of yet...

    Many of us have been hearing about this for years now....with little happening....which is why the big Question mark.....

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    I hear the same thing. It may be co intel. Honestly who knows. Make some lines in the sand, make plans.

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    Hope it happens, but the guy didn't seem to have done a lot of research to make such claims. Still, given the EO's POTUS has signed, it is entirely plausible. Having said that , if they only round up 5,000 traitors a day, we will all be worm feed when they get done.

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