Iím always keeping an eye out online for different places to get really good deals and I came across this site;



There are many different auctions taking place on this site from across the state. Everything from home improvement store returns and over stock merchandise to estate sales to heavy equipment to guns and jewelry. Some of it has to be picked up in person and some of it they will ship.

So here are the deals that I have gotten over the past couple of weeks;

A 3 pack of allergen home HVAC air filters, off brand but brand new $5 for all 3
Black and Decker jump start box with built in power inverter and air compressor $30
Jupiter(Harbor Freight brand) 3k watt power inverter $68

The battery inside the Black and Decker jump start box was shot, but I expected that. After getting it home I removed the AGM 17 amp/hr battery and replaced it with 4 lithium battery cells that I paid $16 for. Iíll add a $20 BMS (battery management system) to it and it will be a lithium jump start box with air compressor and power inverter for a total of $66

The Jupiter power inverter is a 3,000 watt continuous and 6,000 watt surge power inverter. It is definitely used but I took the chance anyway. When I picked it up I connected the jump start box above up to it and connect the battery Charger up to it for my mobility scooter. It worked fine, although the voltage output was a little low. Iíve read that is pretty common on the Harbor Freight power inverters but if you load it up, the voltage tends to increase to an acceptable amount.

There has been some REALLY awesome things pop up on this site, especially with the estate sales. You never know what is out there until you look. Just be prepared for things to not necessarily work the way it is supposed to. Sometimes the items do work as designed, and sometimes they donít.