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Thread: Movies , videos, and survival.....

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    Default Movies , videos, and survival.....

    I try not to count on my phone per se....cell or land line....
    As a matter of fact..I recently got rid of my land line.

    Also many of these newer phones cannot change out the battery in them.

    I still have an olde flip phone and carry spare batteries with mine...two in my pocket daily along with four AA type batteries and also two phone batteries in my daily bob...

    I can therefore also remove my batteries at my discretion...

    One cannot do this with many of these new phones...I don't believe this is accidental.

    I learned a very important life lesson about myself and also other people when I was in Iceland for a year. A lesson I don't believe is taught in videos, movies, or simulations..per se..

    And that lesson is about ones psychological status and how quickly it can deteriorate when one is far away from home and what is familiar to you.....your friends and loved ones.

    In places like Iceland you can watch people deteriorate day by day....mentally...took me about six months to snap out of it...and after that I was ok....but you learn things about yourself and others in a place like that.

    One of the other guys got tired of me moping around depressed and told me lucky I was to be in Iceland...I could be up in Tule, Greenland...
    I had to chew on that one a bit but realized he was right...

    But you watch people begin to weird out day by day....

    I do not believe this kind of thing is taught in most movies and or U Tube has to be lived to be understood and experienced.

    Part of that lesson sticks with me every day...though I left Iceland in the 70s.

    You learn to spot this in the Submarine crews around which I have worked in this shipyard...they are not bothered by this kind of thing as are so many....cut from a different cloth so to speak. They can and tend to do well in long periods of isolation..and can so function well under those conditions. They have to ....those who cannot cut it are quickly shuffled out the initially screening process and also again on the boats. Submariners are different from surface ship crews in this aspect...very different ...and tend to carry themselves differently can feel it..sense it.
    In that kind of condition do not want people who are going to be a huge burden to your survival on a U Boat...get rid of them quickly.

    I believe that in a survival situation...SHTF or TEOTWAWKI...this is going to show up rapidly......those who can cut it functional under very deteriorated conditions ...useful and not be high maintenance...versus the Ishmaelite entitlement minded people who have survived by working the system..and attaching themselves and their brood to others to sustain them in every capacity.....cell phones or not...

    I knew years ago there was something very wrong with the system when they began promoting being very social....and that loners were a bit off the beaten be watched for.....that to be social was to be the desired and cultivated MO....not individual independent thinkers...and thereby individual thinking actions to follow.

    Over the years ..I began to learn that this kind of thing only makes you a better customer/consumer...also a more malleable, controllable, predictable, guaranteed voter.

    Not talking about being an Island per se..but independent....and within this independence ...flexible....

    You folks decide for yourselves.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    I wonder if wrapping a phone in aluminum foil would shield it from receiving or transmitting .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyGunn View Post
    I wonder if wrapping a phone in aluminum foil would shield it from receiving or transmitting .....
    Maybe a small, thin lead box wrapped in aluminum foil. (?)

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    Yes, folks who can be a loner are looked at strangly. The Submariners, what do you call a long cyndrical tube full of seamen? A Submarine....Yeah not really funny.
    You do have to laught at the fact that many of those who are in the Sub service They train them to "fix" leaks...On a nuclear sub that is thearectically over a mile deep.. Yeah, anyone who knows about the whole Hyperbaric pressure and the depth.....Yeah fixing leaks on a boat at that depth....

    The folks that are competent who are loners are scary to most in the military. Lots of folks seem to only be able to due things in groups.

    I recall a interesting article on the SAS and how the Borneo Jungle phase weeded most of those out who were not capable of mentally dealling with things on they're own...

    I know for a fact that it is also a pilot thing. Use to know the long compass course decided who could be a single seat fighter pilot and those who could not. Amoung other things.

    People who can deal with things will be better off than those who don't.....You will in my estimation see lots of sucides just like you did on Black Thursday is October 24, 1929......

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