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Thread: Plantsman and Covid-19

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    Default Plantsman and Covid-19

    I've lost count of things that I've done during this pandemic. I guess being on lockdown for so long will force you to do new things you've never done before.

    I've never had a good taste of making my own garden before, it's always my mom who's obsessed with it, and since we live in the same house, I tried for the first time of growing my own plant in a pot and to my surprise, it's the first time I've felt responsible to a plant, thinking about things I should do and prepare ahead just to make sure my first survives. Btw, this new plant is a Cymbidium, a kind of orchid that grows in tropical weather(which I just took from my mom's garden LOL). This is first to me but I'm having fun seeing this little black bulb turned into a fully grown orchid. I think this is my journey to becoming a plantsman.

    So, did anyone become a plantsman just during this pandemic?

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    doesn't sound like you actually discovered the "secret" of gardening - but many naive preppers and sheeple found out it takes more than sticking a seed in the ground ...

    need garden ground well worked and prepped in advance to have a well producing produce garden - virgin ground rarely is ready "as is" - like all gardening it takes tech knowledge & attained local gardening knowledge thru time & toil ...

    most preppers discovered what most of us already know - if you don't have the tools & supplies when the SHTF hits - you aren't getting them >>> China didn't get their whole "spring" delivery into the country and there was a shortage on top of the demand surge - everyone that waited too long into spring had seed problems - and that was just surge demand with no shipping & SHTF destruction involved ....

    tangent to the gardening problems - food preserving - shortage across the boards in canning tools. jars, lids and even storage for filled jars ....

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    Not exactly my first rodeo, but this year I started seeds earlier and grew them in my little greenhouse for about 45 days before transplanting into garden. Gave a much longer fruiting span for me. It's my new norm.
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