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Thread: the Circus is coming to town today......buckle up...

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    Default the Circus is coming to town today......buckle up...

    The lefts media Circus is coming to town today. I'd forgotten about it until I caught it on the radio going to and fro the grocery store this morning.

    The Confirmation hearings start today..Amy Coney Barret..

    I will have to catch most of it on the most of my day will be busy...

    I am watching for the predictability of the left and thier pimping media.....playing good cop/bad cop with pubic emotions...character assassination and or Jerry Springer techniques etc..

    They have been doing it already by stating that the nominee should be chosen by the next President but do not site what law is being broken and or violated here....only emotional appeal being used here..

    So let us see how this MO will be carried over to the hearings..

    Ishmaelites run wild....

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    gonna be lots of pandering to the left by the Dims
    but barring some surprise, she will pass out of committee this week and be confirmed before the election.

    but we are reaching the crescendo / tipping point.
    the volume of discord is about to get turned up to 11 (

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    the only positive will be the continuing embarrassment of the DNC >>> another pure BS bitching campaign of a FED judge that previously passed thru the very same situation without all the personal slamming ....

    what needs to be looked for is another BS attempt to delay delay delay by using "needs to be investigated" .....

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