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Thread: Baofeng radio

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    just my opinion but you are waaay better off w the baofeng

    you can access much wider range of frequencies than CB, esp the FRS (Family Radio Service aka cheap walkie talkies) as well as GMRS (Generalized Mobile Radio Service) which are the supposed 25 mile (from one side of the grand canyon to the next maybe) range a bit more expensive "walkie talkie".

    and you can MONITOR emergency services like police, fire, ems etc (be sure and either set your radio NOT to xmt on those or you will get in big trouble)

    and even without a license you can still listen.

    find your local ham club and they will be more than delighted to show you the ropes

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    Quote Originally Posted by 46camper View Post
    Is Amazon the only place you can order hand held Baofeng radios ? Or do places like Cabelas sell them ?

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    I cannot speak for I do not go there. I do go to Bass Pro Shops here locally and have not there seen them sold. I have seen those wall mart type walkie talkies sold there and do not get them simply because I know that the antennas are not that efficient and cannot be swapped out for a more efficient antenna as is the case with the Baofeng radios.
    As a ham radio operator this is important to I often make my own base station longer range antennas...and try to practice antenna efficiency This can be very important if you are operating a low powered radio.
    Antenna efficiency and altitude on the antenna.

    I have seen the Baofeng radios sold in certain CB shops and even in some survival stores but they command a higher price/mark up than on Amazon. Again your call..

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    More range, less crowded than FRS. Less interference, smaller, more efficient antenna than CB handheld. No license required.
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