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Thread: Got a medical diagnosis today that I knew was coming

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    Glad that test was negative Cav. I'm prayin the new Dr can pinpoint whats going on.
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    Prayers for answers bud.
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    Well, my wife and I talked a lot last night, and as I was thinking back to the doc visit, one thing kept happening over and over again. I was so focused on the questions the doc asked that I did not realize what was happening. The doc never let me talk long enough to explain all of the symptoms that Iíve got. He kept asking me details which threw me off. Iím not as sharp as I used to be, especially when Iím trying to recall small minute details of things that have happened in the past that most would have just ignored.

    But when you take all of those small details and put them together, they paint a VERY large picture that helps to fully explain things that are occurring.

    One other detail that my wife brought up. The doc said that the brain scan was off center, and so was not a good scan. The report given by the tech who read the scan said it was a positive Parkinsonís scan. But the doc said since the scan was off center that it was invalid, but then he went and showed me the scan and how it actually showed a negative reading for Parkinsonís. Now how is it that the scan is bad and should not be trusted, but in the next breath the scan is used to show a negative result. So which is it? Is the scan bad and the data not trustworthy or is the scan correct with useable results? It canít be both.

    A different doctor in the practice shad given a diagnosis of Parkinsonism (some kind of form of Parkinsonís), the physicianís assistant stated it is all but a guaranteed Parkinsonís diagnosis, and now the main doc in the practice comes along and with only looking at the results from a supposed flawed scan says no Parkinsonís. Today I was looking for a second opinion on all of this when I stumbled upon some info on the website that stated a negative brain scan DOES NOT give a definitive negative diagnosis.

    So basically, it is not settled yet. It is still a distinct possibility that this is the early stages of Parkinsonís. Only time will tell.
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    Glad you're not leavin' it all up to the "professionals" to do the research and decision making.

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    LOL, very appropriate !!!
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