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Thread: Our Medical SHTF

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    Default Our Medical SHTF

    So wife is a walking, talking kidney stone machine. Working on 16th time to lithotripsy who knows how many stones over last 2o-25 years.Last bout was visiting daughter who was in culinary school in St Helena, Ca. Yes she was illegally carrying while there, but that's another story. Wife gets hit with stone, goes down and we end up in hospital, get stabilized, come home and her Urologist on vacation. He is her third one, and she loves them all, because they make the pain go away.

    So new Dr takes over treatment which amounts to, stone moves and hurts, go to hospital and Dr installs stint, gives antibiotic for infection, and pain meds, and she has some good stuff, blast stone, catch stones in urine, remove stint, and wait for next time. Except I pull this one aside and tell him to quit just treating the symptoms but fix the problem. He does pretty well and she has had no problem for about 7 years.
    Fast forward to March and she detects a UTI and goes to see him. He gives antibiotic, but I cant go in to know what's up,I have to wait outside. So she doesn't tell me the part about probably having stone but he does to send her to X-ray because of la rona, but tells her to come back. Well la rona doesn't go away so she does not bother and lets it ride.

    Labor day eve she gets the pain again and is up all night but does not tell me. Next day is Labor Day, and nobody available. Wife hard to read and it doesn't seem too bad but I start trying to reach Dr about 8 am. Wife had his number, but cant find thru the pain so I started messaging him on hospital phone app message system. Each message to him and to main desk at hospital I leave my phone number, four messages to each person. At same time I started calling hospital to get advise because of la rona, my wife not going into hospital alone.

    By 11 am I have made it thru two layers of hospital protocol and forwarded to triage nurse but she will call me. The return call comes at 5:30 finally and nurse spends 10 minutes doing la rona survey before ever asking about wife symptoms, and never mentions hospital. Meanwhile Dr messages me back, never calls, and says if she in pain she should go to hospital. She has finally fallen asleep a few hours before and decided that she is finally resting comfortably so I let her sleep. I figure that with all the messages that he will get her in on Tuesday early.

    Tuesday gives same results, and Wednesday they have her set for appointment at 4. They expedited her to 8 am and her her in emergency surgery at 9 am and admitted and in ICU immediately. Dr is pissed at me for not taking her in sooner. I just played it by ear, and nobody seemed too concerned about so I didn't either. I have to add that she is hypochondriac and I must operate very calmly or she freaks out.

    So she is diagnosed with Toxic Shock, spends 3 days in ICU, and then three more in regular room, getting saturated with fluids, and IV antibiotic. Got her home today after the six days and she got a PICC line and will get in home IV antibiotics administered every day for next 10 days. Apparently oral antibiotics will not get the job done.

    Be careful about self medicating. My neighbor is a pharmacist and will supply bout anything we want. They put me together a great backcountry med kit to get me out of trouble in remote areas. But I don't like meds and fight to not take them. Wife on other hand has been taking Z Packs when she feels bad and doesn't always finish them. We spent 36 hours on antibiotic that was not working because she is immune to it.

    Scary stuff, and I'mpicking up all the prescription meds and locking them in my gun safe. If she had not created this mess, she most likely would have been fine with oral meds, and in a SHTF situation, there may be no IV meds available.
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    DUDE! That ****ing blows! Have you/her tried holistic remedies for the kidney stones? Taking all those antibiotics over the years definitely didn't do ya'll any favors. Every couple of years when nothing else works maybe, but damn!
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    Kidney Stone Tea
    Kidney stones.

    2 t Hydrangea Root
    1 t Wild Yam Root
    1 t Cramp Bark
    1 1/2 quarts Water
    1 t Joe Pye Weed
    1/2 t Corn Silk
    1/2 t Plantain Leaf
    1/2 t Yarrow Leaf
    30 drops Shepherd’s Purse Tincture (if bleeding occurs)

    1. Add hydrangea, wild yam and cramp bark to water in a saucepan.
    2. Bring to a boil, then turn down heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
    3. Remove from heat, add other herbs, cover pan and steep for at least 20 minutes.
    4. Strain and keep refrigerated.

    Drink 3 to 4 C daily. If bleeding occurs, add 30 drops shepherd's purse tincture to each cup of tea.

    [1] A tea is especially appropriate when treating a kidney infection because you should already be drinking plenty of water to keep kidneys flushed and help prevent the stones from forming. For convenience, you can also take this formula as a tincture; take 2 to 3 dropper-fulls a day.
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    Kidney Beans
    Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.
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    Pretty sure all of the preceding and the following was part of multiple Momma Magic posts which were also included my upcoming non-fiction book Home Remedies, Poultices, Salves, and Tinctures. As luck would have it, a quick word search in the electronic manuscript file allowed me to post all of this info.


    Kidney Stones
    There are several herbs, or combinations of herbs, that can help with different aspects of kidney stones. The following is a brief list of herbal remedies for dissolving, preventing, and addressing kidney stones:

    Aloe can be taken internally in the form of pure aloe juice. Take 1/4 C daily for no more than 2 weeks at a time. Aloe contains acemannan, which slows the rate of crystal formation.

    Basil Juice and Honey
    A mixture of 1 t basil juice and honey may be taken daily to strengthen kidney function and check stone formation.

    Birch Leaf
    The birch leaf stimulates urination and stops spasms. It also can be ingested in the form of tea in the amount of 1 C three times a day.

    Black Cherry Juice
    Black cherry juice lowers uric acid levels and checks stone formation.

    Chanca Piedra
    Chanca piedra is an herb that is taken internally in the tincture from, which dissolves calcium stones.

    Cramp Bark
    Cramp bark extracts reduces pain and muscle spasm due to stones.

    Cranberries help in dissolving stones from the kidney.

    Dandelion Root and Fennel Seeds
    A combination of dandelion root extracts and fennel seeds can easily flush out kidney stones.

    Gravel Root
    Gravel root is effective in helping one getting rid of this problem.

    Goldenrod herb cleanses urinary tract of stones.

    Joe Pye Weed, Meadowsweet, Sarsaparilla
    Herbs like joe-pye weed, meadowsweet, and sarsaparilla may be used in the form of tea to remove kidney stones naturally.

    Juniper Berry and Marshmallow Root
    Juniper berries and marshmallow root also break down kidney stones in to tiny pieces and enable easy flushing out.

    Khella is an herbal remedy that helps the urinary tract heal after a stone passes. It can be taken in a variety of forms in the amount of 20 mg daily.

    Kid Clear
    Herbal supplements such as Kid Clear capsules are also highly beneficial in dissolving kidney stones naturally without any side effects.

    Lemon Juice and Hydrangea
    A combination of lemon juice and hydrangea herb extracts reduces stone size and helps in eliminating them.

    Lime, Cayenne, Maple Syrup
    Every morning, drink a mixture of 8 oz. distilled water, the juice of one lime, 15 drops of hot cayenne extract, and maple syrup for taste. This drink dissolves stones from the kidney magically.

    Marshmallow Root
    Marshmallow root helps cleanse the kidneys and expel kidney stones. It can also be taken as tea in the amount of 1 quart daily.

    Nettles, Horsetails, St John Wort
    Nettles, horsetails, and St John Wort prevent bleeding due to stones.

    Varuna blocks an enzyme that is necessary for the formation of calcium oxalate stones. It comes in the form of a loose tea, and can be prepared by steeping 1 T in 1 C of water. Drink three times a day.

    Yarrow Leaf, Wild Yam Root, Corn Silk
    Yarrow leaf, wild yam root, corn silk may be used as tea. These herbs are effective in dissolving stones from the kidney.
    Everything the left touches, it ruins. Now add science. ~ Dennis Prager

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    Lemon lime Sierra Mist dissolves kidney stones. Urologist at my moms hospital used to tell people that were prone to stones to drink it for prevention after treatment.
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    I'd go with the Lemon lime Sierra Mist with a large splash of whiskey, the other cure all
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    Yes. A ghetto whisky sour..... That dissolves k stones... I'm gonna give it a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winni View Post
    I'd go with the Lemon lime Sierra Mist with a large splash of whiskey, the other cure all
    I've never had a kidney stone... now I know why!

    Kingchip - What an experience! I'm in the same corner as you with a wife who can be a "difficult patient" so I feel your pain friend. My wife's thing is she puts off treatment as long as possible, thinking it will go away, or just that she'll feel more like dealing with it "tomorrow".

    Thank you for sharing that. Yes indeed there are lessons to be learned, medical SHTF is no joke.
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