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Thread: Garden 2020

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    Y"all are giving me some good ideas here. Much grass. (That's southern Spanish for thanky)

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    Tunnels are the way to go. They extend the growing season.
    I don't know where you live, but here, rainfall and general ground moisture is a real problem. Coupled with a short growing season, I needed a better way to jumpstart my garden. I ran across an article in Mother Earth News or some place. Anyway here is a link:
    It is a way of building mounds with rotting vegetation, covering it with dirt, and growing your plants on the mounds (sides and top). Here, it solved a couple problems: dry soil, cold soil that would not let seeds germinate (short growing season). The mounds absorb water and retain it for a really long time, excess water is not a problem, because it is like a raised bed in shedding water. I gave it a try a couple years ago and built a mound about 12 ft long. I left the rest of my garden alone. That 12 feet, produced more than the rest of my garden did. Cold frame tunnels are difficult, but very doable in conjunction with the mounds.

    If your experiment is a success, you get lots of veg out of your garden. If your experiment fails, you get compost for the next season. Either way, you win.
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