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    Well I havenít been here in a few years. Wow it sure hit the fan lol. I mean thanks to all here Iíve had moderate amount of preps that carried me through lean grocery shelves. Well armed. Now Iím at a loss! Civil war is here and while itís a cold civil war... I need some more education. So hello all and glad to be back.

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    Ahhhh, you finally woke up, eh? Yeah, things are getting really "interesting" these days. The lid may be about ready to blow off the pot. Someone just keeps stirring, and stirring and stirring, and the slime is rising to the surface. I fear big trouble may be just around the next bend in the river, so stay alert, keep your head on a swivel, keep your powder dry and when the time comes shoot straight.

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    Glad to some folks remember where to find the good info.

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