This book was loaned to me by a fellow worker...and turned out to be a very interesting read..

What I found of such interest to me is the Atheist Communist power structure in China is so threatened by Christians that they authorized churches along a state run controlled, regulated pattern called or titled..

The Three Self Patriotic Movement or Churches...

It appears that the purpose of this movement is to ferret out real Christian Churches and thus to control or regulate them along state authorized lines or get rid of them as is currently happening again in China as these Independent underground churches are shut down and people imprisoned for their religious beliefs.

What this is Church and State in bed with each other....or as GFW Hegel was to describe... The State is God.

Do not think for one minute that this would not happen here in America....I think it is coming with the very leftist slant to public education and the very lack of independent thinking....but only emoting encouraged in public schools today...robots...turning out snowflakes....drama public schools...reacting to a stimulus programmed into them without many being aware it is done to them.

As I am often want to say..people with primarily a television and or movie education in emoting ..not thinking for themselves.

Be Warned....Ishmaelites run wild....

My non Ishmaelite .02,