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Thread: Trump puts Federal Wokeness to sleep...

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    Default Trump puts Federal Wokeness to sleep...

    Shortly after I posted the article and link to Leonard Pitts and his professional racism....I received a text from someone out at Sandia Labs in New Mexico...on another article about President Trump and what he is doing regarding the rabid and professional racism taking place across this land...

    This is a very interesting article in that it fleshes out in more detail and names agencies eaten up with these racist programs.....and for whom Trump is cutting them off for their obviously racist herding views.

    Here..the link members decide for yourselves...

    I am very proud of our President for not ceding and standing against this kind of racist/socialist "Herding" of the American People..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    Amen......This is one of the most important moves he has made. I know that sounds like a bit of a stretch, but the the hidden harm caused by programs like this are what is really destroying this country.....IMO

    And the message this sends to the swamp is huge, esp when Trump wins this fall......

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