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Thread: Leonard Pitts...the professional racist...ambulance chaser...

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    Default Leonard Pitts...the professional racist...ambulance chaser...

    The editorial opinion of professional racist...Leonard Pitts is quite predictable and I found this yesterday in the local newspaper editorial section. I looked it up again on line and when I got home.....and decided to post on it.

    here..the is posted in a number of periodicals....across this land...this very editorial...

    From Leonard Pitt's editorial,

    Who arms themselves with an AR-15-style rifle, leaves home and drives to another state to defend a business belonging to somebody else, a stranger to whom he has no connection? We’re asked to believe Rittenhouse and other members of a right-wing street gang styling itself a “militia” gathered in Kenosha from a sense of public spiritedness? Please. For a bigger load of equine ordure, you’d have to visit a stable. No, their purpose was clear as an angel’s conscience. They took to the streets looking for trouble. And Rittenhouse found it.

    Leonard Pitts misses out on something very very obvious to me...

    And that is...

    "Who leaves home...and often from another destroy and manufacture chaos...against people and businesses, property belonging to someone else, a stranger to whom they have no connection."
    We are not supposed to be able to think this far without proper politically correct is verboten.

    Da Tovarich???

    And furthermore ...Kyle and his associates were there days before cleaning up the messes left by BLM and Antifa types....something BLM and Antifa do not do....and this is a side or view totally avoided by professional Racists like Leonard Pitts in order to promote their racist narrative. This too was caught on film but avoided by most of the MSM...for spin purposes.

    BLM and ANTIFA are the vigilantes here..trying to force their justice across this land...
    And Leonard Pitts totally avoids this view when it is obvious to thinking Americans...not emoting Jerry Springer trained Americans.

    Kyle and his associates were doing the job the city leadership was in every aspect failing to do....including clean up. This is what Americans eventually do....when government fails them. They band together and solve the problem....

    The job city leadership is failing to do is happening in more than just Kenosha...but in many cities across this land.
    And so too this two legged Ishmaelite wildlife leaving home...often from another state to destroy and manufacture chaos..against people and their property belonging to someone else, a strangers to whom they have no connection.

    This is beginning to seriously backfire on BLM, ANTIFA and also the Left in this country....people are beginning to notice.
    And it is forcing the Left to modify their positions on Violence and Chaos manufacturing...not for moral reasons....or ethics......but because their poll numbers are falling.....noticeably now.
    This is a serious clue as to the real nature of what is going on out here..guided not by a sense of right and wrong..but by polling numbers...
    Think carefully on this.....kind of demonism.

    The major MO of the Left in all of this has been professional Demonism....a 180 degree flip flop in everything...they touch.

    Leonard Pitts is predictable and in particular as a professional racist in the like of Al Sharpton...predictable. For like many demons..they cannot change their spots.

    Racism for them equals job security. Like a lawyer chasing the next car accident.

    And so too this incident.

    Kyle and his associates were there doing the job on which the city leadership had defaulted ..failed to do....

    Were I there I would choose to be armed as well. For it is clear that many of these BLM and Antifa types are armed.

    This is only going to wax worse and worse and also spread as the election nears..buckle up.

    These city leaders need to be sued or jailed for not doing their sworn duty....but instead substituting Ishmaelite politics for their duty....bondage.

    Ishmaelites run wild..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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