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Thread: Meth heads in southeast Ohio

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    Default Meth heads in southeast Ohio

    This is a what if type story add to it if you want give your ideas on what you would do.
    Itís the year 2022 ,
    After the pandemic society started breaking down as the world wide economy collapsed . First the military all but disbanded . What was left of them were the true patriots they didnít mind working for free. Then local law enforcement. This is happening all over the world. Crime has never been so high. Just when you thought that things couldnít get any worse . It happens. A huge solar flare hits the earth. Causing all kinds of catastrophic events.
    Millions die , there is no communication between governments. No communication with the police . The military, the police now have totally disbanded. There is fighting in the streets murder rape you get it.
    Full scale SHTF . Lucky for you most of that is in the cities.
    Life is somewhat good for you considering.
    You know your family is ok because you were a prepper. You got almost your whole family on board. So there was a plan they all moved to your sisters property in the country.
    Now we are getting to the 1 decision that you regret. You opted to stay with your wife and her family . These are the hillbillies that you read about. They are a well known family . There mostly known for fighting etc. Other then that they are fairly decent and with all of them living on there place in the county itís safe . Every one of owns several firearms they are decent hunters.
    Now after all of the catastrophic events transportation has been reduced to only the ones that were smart enough to work on vehicles and figure out how to repair the electrical systems. The only fuel is what people saved up or what was left in pumps and other vehicles.
    Now some how the druggies and methheads believe it or not a lot of them have survived . Mostly stealing of of people . Plus they are used to livening on almost nothing . Anyway your local methheads have a leader . He is a very smart guy for a methhead . He knows how to make meth . He has a mean streak he gains respect from the junkies . He has even killed a few of his own to prove he was the baddest. He uses his head one day . He decides to branch out he now has a small army . He uses his meth as payment . Now he has everything he needs he controls all the drugs in the area.
    One day he decides that methheads need food and clothing . Well he has control of the meth . He has control of everything around .
    So Col. methhead decides one day after a few hits he wants to control the food . While he is at it he wants to control and run a sex industry.
    The only way he can do that is take what the local county people have there live stock. There young women . Yea he could use the ones that he knows but who wants to trade guns and ammo and other things of value . For a nasty methhead chick.
    He seen it on tv he could kidnap girls and women from the country and sell and trade them. So he rallies his army . They recruit others with promise of wealth and plenty of meth.
    So now itís a army of 40
    Back to you .
    You pack up for a three day scavenge and hunt . Before you leave you by HAM radio check on your family that is 25 or more miles away . All is good there . Your son tells you to watch out that he heard about a gang that was robbing and takeing from farms . He also warns you to stay away from town.
    You assure him you will. Now you kiss your wife good by etc.
    You head out.
    You are now doing your part for helping the in-laws . The scavenging didnít work out so good . The hunting was great extra meat for the clan. Even some meat to trade Jim for some gun powder and other things he has batteries .
    You also wanted to stop by a friends and local farmer to see if they had anything to trade. Mostly to see how they were doing . There granddaughter and daughter moved in when it all started . When you arrive you already see the things that happens. The old couple were strung up in the barn and the daughter was beaten to death and raped. There was a coupele other dead guys . They was killed execution style.
    The leader had the killed for murdering the daughter. (Thatís to give you a idea of the type of leader Col. methhead is. )
    Now this place is three miles from your place.
    Now you hurry home.
    Now the approach home has to be stealthy . You are of no help if you are caught or killed.
    On the way you here gun fire . Itís not very much gunfire . If there was a fight at all it was over quick.
    Either way you decide to sneak in to give your self the advantage.
    What you are about to see is something so horrible that none of it even seemed real.
    The methheads had lost one of there own . In the gun fight . After it was over and they gained control . They gathered up everyone . They took the younger girls tied them up to the truck that was the old farmers.
    Now they execute everyone . Not with guns but with knives. The leader is screaming as to why they were being killed.
    After the execution the gang packs up what they want and they leave.
    The methheads leave 3 of the lowest of low behind to make sure nobody was hiding waiting till the leave.
    So while you are still hiding and trying to wrap your mind about what just happened.
    Plus you just lost the woman that you have been with for 20years.
    As you are watching the dirt bags getting high and smashing up whatís left something dawns on you. There was someone missing other then you.
    Your 5 year old step granddaughter.
    After 20 years of not listening to you . Your wife did this one time. You had made a hide out for her and your wife to go to if there was a attach ever.
    Now you have to get before one of these junkies do.
    What do you do??
    You have a fixed blade knife . A single shot 45-70 and a .45acp S&W
    Also if you kill even one of those guys and fail they will kill you and your granddaughter. Not quick either. If you kill all 3 the whole gang will hunt you down. To get to your family you got to go through the gangs turf .
    Here is what Iím going to do .
    1. Sneak within 50 yards and shoot the biggest and meanest of the 3 Iím going to try and get the dope #2 with the rifle . Itís a single shot so my old but may be to slow .
    2. If Iím to slow while they are ducking for cover I will shoot the rifle at them to keep them down. So I can get closer . Even if I have to throw the rifle down and empty the pistol mag. In there direction so I can get close and kill them both . I have to get them both . I canít sneak her out because there standing beside the hiding spot.
    So I kill methhead number two.
    Number three runs I miss as Iím reloading he gets on his dirt bike and gets away.
    Iím pumped up Iím scared Iím mad.
    I tell the little itís me but stay in the hideout for a minute. I will get you out I want to make sure there is no one else.
    I lied in my rage I make things worse for us.
    I scalp the two bad guys. Would have done worse didnít have time.
    So there are two dirt bikes left . There is no where I can go and hide no one close to help us. The people that are left will be next anyway so I canít leave her. So I grab the dirt bike that has the most gas . We run up to my house to see if they got all my guns . They did all except a mossberg 500
    and 20 rounds of 00
    And a spare hand held Ham radio. So we take all the back roads we can . Thatís why we didnít have enough gas to get to my family.
    We got within 10 miles of them. I donít know what two do. Do I bring my troubles to them ?
    I canít fight that many even though there short a couple now. I have 20 00 buck I have 14 rounds of 45acp. I canít fight.
    My little buddy is hungry.
    We my granddaughter and I finally get to a spot to rest I try and get a hold of my family. As luck would have my nephew was by the radio. I asked what I should do. Iím well known so almost everyone knows me.
    The methheads will make them talk . They will punish my family if they canít get me.
    My sister and nephew told me to come home . So we make it . We get ready for a fight .
    Itís a fight that if we loose we face a horrible death. The women and girls face a worse fate.
    What would you do?
    Would after you seen your wife and her family slaughtered. Would you go home to your family and leave the little 5 year old girl there . She is just your step granddaughter. That has been your buddy since she was a year old.
    Or would you risk your life and you blood families lives to save her ?
    Iím not the best at stories . Iím sure this could have been shorter . Itís far fetched also . Itís what If and place yourself scenario situation.

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    Please go easy with the comments Iím no writer.
    This was supposed to be a what If scenario and what you would do . That ended up being to long and more of a story.
    I hate methheads and needle junkies.
    In my home area that crap is destroying the young poor and middle class kids in southeast Ohio . I have lived here all my life and have never seen it as bad as it has been this last 15 years . My best friend 21 year old daughter died of a over dose last year. My cousin left behind to little girls a few years back . She died from a over dose. There father is still alive but he is a junkie . The little 5 year old step granddaughter I mention in the story is real. Her dad just got out of prison methhead. He is actually doing better.
    The list goes on and on . How that crap has affected us. Thatís just the ones I know.
    My what if story could come true . If SHTF ever happens.

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    This really hits home... Lmao Southwest Ohio too

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    Itís sad. Iím no saint . These people are so young and destroying there lives . Not only that they are messing with everyone around them .

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    Iím in the Athens co. Area. We have a lot of methheads around . Although in southeast Ohio there is worse . I will say that the LEO
    try and keep things under control . Without law enforcement though it wouldnít take long for them to form a gang of some type and start doing the very things I described.
    The sad thing is a lot of the methheads and junkies. Were at one time people like us. They know the area forest they know how to use a firearm etc. They may not operate the way we can and survive like us. They wouldnít have-too. They have less morals now that they have a addiction. A lot of them also not only have the skills we do they have the criminal skills they learned in prison. They donít earn what they have they take from others. If they do earn anything it is used mostly to feed their addiction.
    Luckily I live away from town.

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    My entire 5-part book series takes place in and around McArthur, Ohio (SE Ohio). I interviewed the Vinton County Sheriff and that's where I learned about the drug trade moving from the Meigs County pot farms and meth houses to the three major cities (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati aka 3C corridor) via OH Route 93 to Canton and I-77 and on to Cleveland or OH93 to Zanesville and I-70 which takes you to Columbus and I-71 to Cincinnati. The mules use OH93 like bootleggers used back roads down south when hauling moonshine. The Vinton County Sheriff taught me the term "meth mouth" and how to spot a tweeker as opposed to someone chugging Mt Dew 24/7 with poor oral hygiene. My family and I went to the "Vinton County Wild Turkey Festival" while I was doing research and we looked like aliens compared to the local populace. I literally watched a mother pour a 16 oz Mt Dew into her child's bottle and hand it to him.

    I glossed over some of the information I learned in Parts 3 and 4 but the knowledge was conveyed in terms of how the Prozac nation and the "self medicating" would descend on the country once the meds were exhausted and the drug trade and transport dried up.

    Not to be over indulgent in my self promotion but the titles for all five parts are:

    When Rome Stumbles
    Hannibal is at the Gates
    By the Dawn's Early Light
    Colder Weather
    A Time for Reckoning

    I mean, c'mon, with a review like this, who wouldn't want to buy the series:

    Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020 by Randy Allen:
    This is the best series I have read in a while, the character development is great, the stories are interesting and meaningful. Take the time to read all 5 books in the series. The writing is just a good as any or better than most bestselling authors.
    Hannibal ad portas

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