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    Default news source - The Last Refuge

    had been posting from this source in the Q thread which is in Tin Foil section
    but i think this source is more documented and reliable, albeit on the same subjects.
    so you might consider it as a daily check because IMHO he is one of the outfits (like Judicial Watch) filing lots of FOIA requests
    the guy also goes by the moniker Sundance
    some tidbits from today

    Sundance make a comment on his Twitter about authorized “contractors” – like Crowdstrike – that were possibly using the NSA database for insider trading purposes.

    Most people who are not in the securities industry would NOT understand how this works. But Trump certainly does and Mnuchin definitely does. Bannon for sure understands this.

    If you are a big trader – like Soros, Gates, Goldman Sachs, or a major bank – having inside information is a freebie – no risk – goldmine.

    If you are a greedy political family like Pelosi, Clinton, Bushes, Feinstein, Burr, McCain, Obama; Biden Family – inside information is a freebie no risk goldmine for the entire family.

    I guess if you are John Brennan or a foreign intelligence service, and you want to finance a nefarious off the books black op operation FOR FREE, outside of your normal budget, you can use inside information and stock trades to finance your operations.

    What kind of inside information can be freely gleened from the NSA database? Correspondence between PUBLIC COMPANY CEO’s who are looking to do a merger, acquisition or spinoff of another public company; confidential audits of a company that may be in discussions to be acquired by a public company; confidential emails, phonecalls, texts between CEO’s, their accountants, their lawyers, their bankers, their competitors; their R & D department; their patent department.

    Once the secret NSA information is obtained, stock trades are placed (by the ELITES and their families/cohorts) to capitalize and monetize the information. On any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

    But my instincts tell me this is a BIG DEAL COVER UP. per Hillary, “If revealed, they will all hang.” They’s why the elites want Trump out so badly. This is about money & theft on a GRAND GLOBAL SCALE.

    Hillary has been known to be involved with insider trading back in the 1980’s with her cattle futures transactions. Since there was no accountability for that, what would have stopped her in 2012-2016?

    McCain was involved in that Savings and Loan debacle back in the day. Charles Keating case. No accountability for him either.

    Most people don’t really understand the machinations of trading on insider information, and how easily it can enrich your friends and family. Certain information that can be monetized – can buy favors and buy off corrupt politicians. I doubt that Judge Rosemary Collyer or Judge Boasberg understand the gravity of this.

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    Now that is eye opening.

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    Yup, there's a whole nother world out there........ Evil
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    You are describing a type of dual system...insiders and outsiders. You are also talking internationally....across the globe..

    Thinking that when Kadaffi fell...and how many people knew in advance to cash in on that event..??? Ishmaelites run wild..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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