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Thread: This explains a lot

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    Default This explains a lot

    Now I know why I feel so stupid some days;

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    And she's not racist at, not at all.

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    “melanin is important for a number of things such as strong bones, intelligence, vision and hearing.”


    Yeah, I'll just stop now.......

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    Another dingbat heard from.

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    Not really ...not to me....and I feel no such restraint...

    I have been saying for some time now who the real racists are out here...needing to define everyone and everything by race...and their brand of racism....while trying to come across as the high moral ground.....or is it called...virtue signaling. No matter...I call it official government racism.

    It got very obvious to me some years back when they started this nonsense about cultural appropriation as to who were the real racists out here.

    And then it became obvious about the body politic stroking people and promoting race/racism for votes...right in time for the election........race race race and more race..

    And the hits keep coming.

    Ishmael and Ishmaelites run wild...official government sponsored and promoted Ishmaelites...fighting racism with racism....peak performance....tops....astonishing...but disgusting...

    I gotta realize that these people are sitting on the only one in town..the rest of us just need to let them default through.

    LOL LOL ironic...they are getting too racist for official government sponsored racism/herding media......go figure...,

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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    She left comments open, LOLOL, can't be a true dumbocrat
    Make America under God Again

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    hahaha. so their not gonna vote for biden then right?

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    Just thinking here....there are so many twists and turns here, almost like picking the winning lottery numbers. One thing though, there is a lot of back stabbing going on. And I think Pelosi is calling all the shots....see below:

    1...Biden wins nomination with (name) running mate.....wins 2020....Health reasons Biden steps aside...v.p. becomes pres., house speaker becomes v.p. ....Pelosi.
    2...Biden wins nomination, with HRC running mate....wins issues Biden steps aside, v.p. becomes pres., house speaker becomes v.p. ....Pelosi
    3...DNC convention becomes contested (which has a high probability of happening). Somewhere during it HRC is nominated v.p. or pres.

    For 1 and 2 to happen dems need to win and also hold the house.
    3...Think of all the different groups that are infighting....blm, bernie supporters, aoc group. Then there are the ones who want anyone else but Trump, because if and when he wins again they are going to pay for their crimes.
    This last one is why I hope Durham comes out BEFORE the election.
    ***Placeholder Joe***
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