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Thread: Went to BJ's wolesalers today....

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    Default Went to BJ's wolesalers today....

    Made a short and quick trip to BJ's wholesalers today....

    I was a bit surprised to find no Toilet Tissue and also no Paper towels....on the shelves...none of either ...but there were signs saying only one pack to a customer...but nothing on the shelves....

    Will have to start looking elsewhere for this product....and keep in the communication loop with others on this.

    Got a large bag of dried cat food and some cleaning supplies...and also...

    I picked up another 48 pack of AA type batteries....something is telling me to stock up for now.

    I now have five 48 packs put back in a safe place.....

    I have paper towels and Toilet tissue .but thought to get some while I was there

    Was not counting on Zero Balance on the shelves...nada....nix....nothing....empty shelves...

    Still have some put back in my garage...and we shall keep our eyes out for this commodity.

    Thinking now that putting in those two bidet's on my toilet bowls was a good idea.....

    Not an Ishmaelite.

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    We're getting toilet paper back in stock where I am ..... thankfully. Batteries were always available.

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    Yeah, we're starting to get TP and paper towels back in our local Wally World also. I buy a pack each time I go. Building a good on hand inventory just in case. Also paper napkins and kleenex tissue.

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