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Thread: lockdown hack

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    I had a few good teachers that thought out of the box.
    Also there are maps specific made for pilots....these show natural landmarks, power lines. These maps are kind of like satellite but are designed for pilots who are lost to help them find where they are from the air. I understand these are very pricey.

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    LOL, I'm already way OUT OF TOWN! Where the hell else would I want to go. I'm much safer staying put! 😜 Blocking me in also blocks the riffraff OUT!
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    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CENTEXDUDE View Post
    Cav, look into right of ways for power lines and petroleum pipeline paths. you would be surprised of the ways one can get out of town with bolt cutters.

    I always carry tools with me!
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    I went through it all, and got official, all for the very reasons that you state, to be able to move around in screwy situations.
    Once on safari in deepest darkest Afganistan we ran out of Gin, and were compelled to survive on food and water for several days.

    I typically carry a flask of vodka for snakebites. I also carry a small snake.- W. C. Fields

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    few years ago I was traveling home from the machine gun shoot by Fort Knox about midnight.
    driving home in my rattletrap 1982 Winnebago RV
    right after I bought it and hadn't had time to check out everything.
    alternator belt broke and eventually we lost all lights
    stopped at walmart in Ky and bought battery and wired for headlights only
    she's a diesel so kept running even without spark

    about 10 miles from home and people are blowing horns and waving at us because we had no running lights, LOL
    someone must have called the law
    get pulled over by sheriff deputies.

    I was wearing my full CERT uniform which i generally always do when traveling on trips
    showed my CERT id, my homeland security id, and of course license and registration
    the only question he had was how I got Emergency (first responder) license plates for an RV, LOL

    after explaining what happened he offered to escort us home

    that's why I do this

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