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Thread: your kids locations

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    Default your kids locations

    someone brought up in another thread that their kids are not in safe location - i.e. big city
    I have same problem.

    Got me thinking a bit - always dangerous.
    Might be a crazy idea (I specialize in those )

    Here's the idea.
    This forum has people scattered all over the country - ourselves but also our kids.
    And for lots of us (me included) our kids are not preppers.
    And they live in big cities - more than a day's drive away

    At some point it might be impossible for them to remain where they are.
    But what if they are a great distance from you - far enough that you going there to retrieve them is problematic?

    But there might very well be a member of this forum close to your kids, or somewhere in between.
    What about an "underground rail road" of sorts to relay folks from one bol to the next?
    Or even a nightly lay over for you if you go to retrieve your kids / relatives - or a way point on your way to your own bol.

    I will go first.
    I am in upper east tn - 15 min off exit 36 of Interstate 81.
    I have facilities to house a fairly large group - and quarantine them at the same time.
    So if i can help anyone on the forum by acting as a waypoint - shoot me a private message.

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    Good idea Explo. I'm in eastern West Virginia, close to Virginia border. Be happy to help someone's kids if need be,

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    The only kid I'm concerned about, (but she's tough), is a cross country truck driver. She's badass and independant as they come. I still worry because I know she has a soft side. I just hope no one else can unlock it. If someone tries to hijack her rig, she will plow right through em'. My wish is that when she has a really good load of sustainable products, she'll aim herself my way and bring the load with her. I've put the bug in her ear.

    My younger daughter is self quarantined right now and has a house in the country in MO. She's also a survivalist.

    My two older sons are in Pa, hunkered down with their dad.
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    I'm west of Austin in a relatively safe, small community and anybody needs shelter let me know. Anybody running the IH 35 gauntlet might consider US 281 instead and stop by.

    Yea, I worked this out with Texan II several years ago and left him one or two MH buckets. He's a police chief and most likely familiar with the surrounding PDs , Sheriffs, and state police so could probably get them safe passage from his BOL, to the ranch, about 3 counties away, and I'd welcome him to bring his family along and stay if he wanted.

    Communication is only possible problem.
    Once on safari in deepest darkest Afganistan we ran out of Gin, and were compelled to survive on food and water for several days.

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    Iím outside of Waco Texas. Donít have much room but can put some up for the night. All else fails I can air up some air mattresses and turn on some space heaters or fans in the garage.

    I agree with KingChip. Avoid I35, especially in the Waco area. Take 281 instead. Once you get to Evant, you can hit 84 and it will take you from there all the way up to Corsicana off of I45 if need be. Iíve got paper maps and know the central Texas/Dallas Fort Worth area decently.
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    In other words cammie says "screw y'all" opsec

    North Middle Tn. Always ready to help.
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    Nope, it means my family comes first and foremost in a 'worse case scenerio'.
    We aren't there, yet. But if the country goes into total Shlt breakdown, our group plan goes into effect.
    My group IS my family under those circumstances. The status quo would have to be irreparably.

    Quote Originally Posted by flock6 View Post
    In other words cammie says "screw y'all" opsec

    North Middle Tn. Always ready to help.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    I wish I could help, I really do but several factors why I can't.

    1. Sailboat, no room. The spare bed (V Birth) is storage/tools/ spare parts. I couldn't even fit a child in there.

    2. The Florida Keys are shut down to non locals and we have a road block at the only entrance.

    3. Marina policy in this scenario is like Hurricane Rules: Residents only, no exceptions. We chase people off daily.

    But, If for some weird reason you are down here then of course hit me up. But there are limited resources, I can do very little for you our yours. So be forewarned.

    In some ways it's nice that we are isolated, in other ways it's kinda sketchy. No tourists and then many Snowbirds went home early this year. I went 60 mph yesterday, usually its stop and go in the 45 zone.
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    I usually don't venture far from my AO anymore, never been to the Keys. How are your utilities supplied: Electric, water, sewer and phone ? Just curious...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winni View Post
    I usually don't venture far from my AO anymore, never been to the Keys. How are your utilities supplied: Electric, water, sewer and phone ? Just curious...
    All utilities come from mainland, all sewage goes back to mainland.

    The sailbat is pretty self sufficient for the most part. Solar, genny, diesel aux power etc. Finishing the wind turbine hopefully this week.

    As I mentioned before, kicking myself for not having the water maker a little higher on my list. Fortunately, I'm a marine mechanic and have access to many boats that do have water makers. Most of the owners are up north and locked out of the area if you know what I mean. Most of them would want me to use there stuff to get by anyways.

    Phone is also tower, after Irma I bought a sat com device, I can heat it up asap for the month(s) at any moment.
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