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Thread: Early morning car trip....

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    I learned to stay out of breakfast places after closing time..2 AM..waffle house...aka...awful house. Those other places as well....

    After quitting time they are collection places for two legged wildlife. I have no problem going to the convenience store to get gas....but......early in the morning 2 am at dennys or awful thanks...I'll pass. I'm not that social. I'd rather go home and cook breakfast and put on coffee.

    Don't get me wrong...I like Breakfast at the Awful House or even Cracker me a pecan waffle...chicken and eggs..toast......but not after Quitting time at 2AM with the two legged wildlife trying to sober up. No thanks...Don't like being around drunk people. I'm not against drink either...just don't care for two legged wildlife..ruining my breakfast...

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    That made me laugh and remember a bizarre Dennys Night.

    1987, 2AM prior to MEPs, Van Buren street, Phoenix. Me and the random bunkie they stuck me with for the night ended up at Dennys with half a dozen hookers. We were hurtin when that instructor woke our asses up at 4 am.

    I have no idea how we ended up with them or what occurred prior, just remember the Dennys, and then getting yelled at all day by some gung ho a hole.

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