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    probably the first of many, won't be the last
    this development often told in doom porn fiction - now like many other things it is becoming a reality

    Graham County closed its borders to non-residents on Friday. We wound up on the wrong side of the barriers.

    On March 19, Graham County issued its own state of emergency order, citing its limited access to health care facilities in the face of COVID-19. On March 27, it took full advantage of its powers, closing all main entrances to the county, including U.S. 129 and Cherohala Skyway. But we didnt know any of that.

    When we buckled her back into her car seat, none of us knew wed trapped ourselves in the only county in North Carolina to close its borders to non-locals. But when we crossed the bridge below the Cheoah Dam, we found concrete barriers blocking the road from ditch to ditch. There were no workers. No checkpoint. No detour instructions.

    We worked our way from Joyce Kilmer to the Skyway, dropping off onto a scarcely travelled forest road, only to find vehicles parked two and three deep against more concrete barriers. Somewhere in the back of my mind, something itched. In all my time running those roads on dirt bikes and in four-wheel drives, Id never seen the forest road closed that way. Never with anything more stern than a steel road bar. When we turned around and moved south, we found the road blocked again, this time at the Tennessee state line, the barriers canted up the embankment to keep the bold from trying their luck. On the other side, we could see more vehicles parked on the shoulder.

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    Living in an area that gets invaded by out of staters yearly, I can totally relate to this. It is like July 4th here with the invasion from people from high risk areas, coming to our low risk. How would "they" like it if we came to their home area with some contagious disease? Stay home folks, don't cross contaminate the country.
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