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Thread: Are we at war with China and no one told us??????

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    Good call!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle326 View Post
    Possible deep state prison ship in disguise.
    Well said....eagle326.....well said!!!

    Not an Ishmaelite.

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    We are in a cold war with China for sure. I just hope the myrmidons in Washington D. C. figure it out before it's too late!!!!!!!

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    1....Saw a news item a day or so ago. Said that countries affected by the virus are interested in holding China responsible for the tune of 20 trillion.
    2....Not right now but China is going to loose a lot of their exports (in some instances already has) due to this virus. In particular drugs.
    3....Here in the U.S. there is going to be a lot of looking into just how much influence peddling China really has ($$$) and a lot of that is going to stop.
    4....China is not going to sit quietly by and let this happen....a cornered animal is dangerous.

    Now a lot of countries are looking at them in a way as being a scurge of the planet.
    And even though there have been reports of them banning certain menu items in the wet markets thats all for show.

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