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Thread: My take aways for the last couple months

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    Default My take aways for the last couple months

    I have been stuck in my house for the last few months, with one thing or another, and before that, caring for very sick parents. So I got to watch the shampeachment from beginning to end. My take away? This government spends entirely too much money making the senate and congressional halls comfortable and opulent. It would be more appropriate if they met in old drafty barns whos siding has shrunk enough to see daylight between the boards. I think they would finish their most essential business with speed and alacrity.

    I have been watching this whole Wuhan/Chinese/Corona/COVID 19 virus with great interest. My take away... Who knew TP would become a medium of exchange for goods and services? It's scarcity rivals that of gold in the marketplace. I would have expected, gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper the usual suspects, but TP? BTW, chocolate chips are still on the shelves.

    Here in the Democratic Republic of Oregon, we are in a "lockdown". Except you can go out and get essentials, groceries, gas, take out, pet food, animal feed... the list goes on. So what is so different in how we live our lives normally? I don't go to church. I don't go to the movies. I don't go to school. I do go to the library. It is closed. So I can't return any of the books I have on time, not that that made any difference before the library closed.

    Random thoughts.
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    The only change for me is helping my community a little more. The only places I frequent is a grocery store, TSC, Co Op, a few hardware stores, and Arby's. They're all still open, the exception is Arby's is drive thru only. Their fish sandwiches are 2 for $6 I love those things.
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    I normally work as a school bus driver. Since schools are now closed, there is not a reason for me to go to work. My wife works in education as well and had to go in yesterday to work, but that has been the only time she has had to go in since spring break. She occasionally has to send an email or make a phone call but can do all of that from home. Luckily we both are still getting our normal pay.

    There are numerous small projects that I can work on around the house to keep me occupied. The only problem is I am finishing them too quickly. So more breaks are needed to slow the pace of the work. My next project is to “mow” our 2,000 square foot back yard with a weed eater so it takes longer than doing it with a mower and weed eater.
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    GR, MY OPINION IS, most of these guidelines and orders are geared toward the Mellinials without coming right out and saying so. The gov can't come right out and say it for fear of stereotyping. You know the media would have a field day with that one. Unfortunately, republicans are still walking on eggshells because of PC.

    Older folks do not get out near as much. Most people our age are more prone to being home bodies, whereas Mellinials spend little time at home or by themselves. THEY NEED community interaction to survive because they feed off each other.
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