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Thread: Q was right , evil pope

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    BTW... In case people didn't know. Constantine left the pegan holidays the same it lined up Christian holidays with them as to not piss off his pegan Bros. Christmas was actually nimrods b-day. Easter is ishter "look up this link orgy holiday" people painted there body's in bright colors and hid I the woods and field and if you were found the finer had there way with you. This is why we paint and hide Easter eggs.

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    OrangeTom is right about much of this.

    If you wish to look at most of Christianity they have taken on many "Pagan" ideology. Lets look at how "Christ" was born during a Jewish Major Holiday. I can assure you none of the major Jewish holidays are in December. So this whole "Christmas" is nothing more than a Pagan winter solstice.

    Let us look at Easter Holiday. They are trying to take over the Jewish Pass Over holiday. Why do you think pork is the main dish? This is to weed out the Jews who might be hiding among the Christian Population. During the Spanish Inquisition, what were the options? Convert or Die?

    Valentine day, was a Pagan holiday, were the slaves in Roman Empire got to be raffled for sexual rights of whom belongs to whom. This Saint got the idea of marring folks on that day. Massive weddings.

    The problem with attempting to Translate Hebrew into Greek there are some problems. Hebrew is very specific on things. Greek can be yet there are still some issues.

    Don't worry the Christians believe in their whole Replacement Theology. Islam pushes the whole Jews were replaced by Christians and Islam is replacing them both.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by driftz240 View Post
    The current Christian religion is oddly based on the translation of a state shill pegan religious leadercwho saw Christianity growing in numbers and outpacing pegan so one day he said "I am now the official head of Christianity if you don't like it I'll kill you" then that shill translated the Bible... And you can bet your ass he left some important stuff out and put one bullsheet in
    The arrangement in power for most nations throughout history was a combination of State sponsored religion...supporting the feudal power structure. The state religion putting the crowns on the heads of the new kings. This means that the kings power was from God...absolute limit.

    This lead to many abuses throughout history of power kings and governments operating through Kings sought to increase their power and profit.

    In the western world this lead to a viscous civil war in England as the King Charles 1st sought to return back to absolute power of the type held by Henry VIIIth.
    King Charles 1st lost the civil war and was beheaded in January of 1649.

    This marks the first time in history that an ordinary people had ever executed their king.

    It is only when our founders sought a way to turn on their king ...they realized that the 'English and their Civil War history, about a hundred years before, was the precedent they needed...the authority to turn on King George. 'They did not need to go back into ancient history for this precedent or authority.

    This also became the precedent in our country for separation of church and prevent mischief by government....absolute power..via church and state combined.

    Separation of Church and State is intended as a limit to government power...not the people... warned....

    This virus emergency is just such an marker for government to increase it's power.....and never give it back to the people.....absolute power and or divine right of kings.

    For a global government to take the reins of America...though our bought and paid leadership who have sold theirs and our souls to internationalism....and seek to do this a replacement for our form of government.

    I do not see this ending soon...the lockdown...but going on till near the election for political reasons...the blame game.

    I may be blowing smoke...but we shall see.

    Someone out there hates America and our Judeo Christian history .going way back...way way back into history...and they seek to destroy see this nation fall under their Occult historical feudal control....a return to absolute power and or divine right of kings...

    I am aware of the combining of the Pagan Holidays on both the Protestant and Catholic versions of history .by way of reading a book called

    The Two Babylons


    Alexander Hislop...circa 1912.

    This book outlines the origins of many of the so called Christian Holidays and their Pagan origins of which many of us so take for granted...both Catholic and Protestant.

    Once I read this book ..I knew what the author was saying was true and that is when, so many many years ago, I decided to give up holidays and birthdays.

    I am not against giving gifts...I just don't celebrate such holidays etc etc. I try to keep all days the same..

    The tradition was to give gifts to a king...we are not kings.

    Nonetheless ...historically I found it to be a very interesting read and also out of this I began to take a closer look at the ministry/priesthood...for Truth...

    Over time I combined the knowledge of Alexander Hislops "The Two Babylons" with John Fox and his "Fox's Book of Martyrs" to further outline much of forbidden history.

    This too caused me to take a closer look at the ministry and or priesthood....for the history/knowledge they were not teaching.

    What I learned is that many of the so called Christian Churches are today doing the very kinds of whoredoms/daykeeping/holidays for which the Hebrews got into trouble....over and over via their leadership. It is not different from the Olde Testament times unto today..New Testament times.

    And we have this record from the Olde Testament into the New Testament....

    I also happen to believe we are not to know this history .and that many Christians do not themselves want to know this history .

    Do not despair...for I have found that many Atheists themselves do not know much history and also count on many Christians not knowing. They are not far wrong...

    And Atheism leads to socialism...leads to Communism...leads to absolute the hands of men....back full circle...

    Not an Ishmaelite
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    Don't worry the Christians believe in their whole Replacement Theology. Islam pushes the whole Jews were replaced by Christians and Islam is replacing them both.....
    Up to now I have refrained from posting or commenting on this template going way back a couple of years.

    I am well aware that historically the Jews/Hebrews, via their leadership, have been doing replacement theology going back much further than both the Catholic and Protestant Churches were in existence.

    We have this clear history in both the Olde and New Testaments wherein God would send His Prophets to warn the Hebrews to turn about and go the other way...and His Prophets were killed....right up to Stephen.

    This is a history for which few today seem want to allow most people to connect the dots...and I don't believe it is accidental..but deliberate.

    And many Christian ministers are in on it...

    Galatians chapter 4 KJV

    Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar.
    For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children.
    But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.
    For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband.
    Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.
    But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.

    What was given on Mt Sinai.....The Olde Testament......and it is gendereth to bondage..with her children....

    We are to know the Olde Testament as our School know what came before...we are not to be ignorant of the Olde Testament.

    But our liberty is in the New Testament....

    The Olde Testament is Ishmael....Agar and her son..Ishmael..and gendereth to bondage..

    In Isaac shall thy seed be called...not in Ishmael. Jerusalem which is above....

    Almost no ministers/priests today teach this history...and for good promote confusion...a replacement..a substitution.

    And there are those of us who know the name of the author of confusion name..

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    Islam has a serious problem for which many in leadership positions do not want defined as well....they want it defaulted through in ignorance. They are counting on the ignorance of the average westerner/Christian...and they would not be far wrong...

    Islam is Ishmael...bondage......because it is church and state combined....not separate.....

    One need not be genius to figure this out.

    Not an Ishmaelite.

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    Remember something about church and state combined....

    God allowed the Children of Israel, in the Olde Testament, to have a king and be like other His displeasure...not in His pleasure.

    They were not to be like other nations....

    And yet their leadership wanted them to be like other nations....

    And here in the United States of America....many want us to be other nations....

    A foreign governing body over us....not limited government but unlimited government...a King....or committee ..take your pick...absolute power/divine right of the hands of men.

    Be Warned....the Ishmaelites..

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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