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Thread: NICS is busted. Overloaded, and delaying purchases

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    Should the need arise (not likely) I foresee no problems with FTF cash deals for ammo or whatever. Then again, I may just move in the right circles.

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    I am more concerned with reloading supplies to factory is just me ….

    But definitely cash....

    Checking the bulletin board at the gun club for certain deals....person to person middle man...the way I like it.

    Have my eye on another Stevens .22 over 20 gauge ...single shot..combination gun listed on the board.
    The last one I purchased from the same board was a .357 magnum over a 20 gauge. I like that one too...but think the .22 over 20 would be more utilitarian. Would be nice to have two of them...and they are becoming difficult to find.

    What I would verily like to have is 7.62 x 39mm over 12 or 20 gauge...but they too are difficult to find.

    Not an Ishmaelite.

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