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Thread: Might be time to think about home / perimeter security

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    People are ballzy. I had a guy stop his truck in my driveway and start walking around my house. I met him with a ar15 pointed at him and ask if I could help him? He said he was giving free quotes for gutters. I asked if he thought it was a good idea walking around people's houses unannounced... He said I can see it is not ok. Walked him to his truck... He left. But people are ballzy in normal life. Let alone shtf life
    Damn! Around here the locals have little patience for fools like that. I understand that a man's gotta make a living but it ain't healthy to come around unannounced like that.

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    10 years ago, our census man found out country folks in Texas don't put up with that either. Mine got a barrel in his face. You wanna talk to me, make an appointment by mail. Don't come on to my property and get out of your car and start walking around like you have the right. This isn't Russia or China. This is TEXAS!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    LOL LOL LOL ...Amen Camouflaged...Amen!!!!

    Private property means private...not public.


    Not an Ishmaelite.

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    Some people think just because they work on behalf of the gov, they have authority to invade your private property. It's up to us to set them straight, whatever it takes. I bought and paid for my property and I pay my taxes on time. I have a visible sign that reads no trespassing, and another that says keep out... I suggest they heed the warning. You work for me. I am the government.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    Default People think they are special, and not subject to the rules

    I have an 800 foot driveway, wooded, such that the driveway is the only way for (normal) vehicle access. Eight no trespassing signs, various heights and on both sides. I still get the few per month that think they are privileged.

    I do have some satisfaction tho, most of them don't know how to backup and end up hitting a tree or rock on the way out
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    A couple weeks ago, I had someone come up to the door and try to open it. At 2am, I am cranky, my dogs are cranky, and more importantly my wife is cranky. I live by the rule "A happy wife is a happy life". I got outside shined my AR's light on the guy and ordered him on the ground. Between the bright lights, the dogs growling, and the business end of an AR pointed at him, he hit the dirt. The sheriff showed up 20 min later to collect his new prisoner.

    I don't think we need to be any more vigilant than we normally are. Which in some cases is very watchful. Work your plans. minimize contact with people outside your group, and do what you normally do.

    When I am carrying, which is always, I have situational awareness. I don't want to be surprised, and potentially make a bad decision. I want to avoid confrontations whenever possible, but if one is unavoidable, I want to control the situation. Around the house, I have my dogs, and we have puppies on the ground now, which makes all the rest even more distrustful of strangers.

    With a few exceptions, This virus hasn't changed anything in my life. I top off the truck's tank, more often. I am more aware of what I use on a daily basis, and I am more focused, when I go into town for errands.
    "Never accept authority as truth. Always accept truth as authority."

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