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Thread: Human Rights....beware of the scam taking place right in front of you......

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    Default Human Rights....beware of the scam taking place right in front of you...... warned of the Human Rights scam taking place right in front of you daily......Be Warned.

    Remember this the next time you hear excerpts from one of the leftist candidates speeches.

    I was in my garage last week doing some reloading and had on my AM radio. The network played excerpts from the caucus speeches of the various candidates.

    I believe it was Bernie but he kept talking about "Human Rights....Human Rights and more Human Rights."

    This is a scam...a bait and switch and almost no one catches it.

    The guy is a US Senator and takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. THis means our Constitutional Rights...not Human Rights.

    This is a con job ...a bait and switch and counting on the concept that almost no one will catch it. Just like Johathan Gruber and Obama Care...counting on the ignorance of most Americans.

    What verily alarms me is that the Republicans cannot possibly be that stupid that they too do not catch it. THey went to college did they not???

    Now some of you may further understand why I do not trust the Republican Party....I think they are part of the ignorance...the coverup.

    Human Rights is what you saw in Charlottesville awhile back when two legged wildlife got turned cause the chaos we saw take place...and make merchandize/news worthiness of peaceable assembly.

    Human Rights is what the left often champions while they do not allow dissenting views. Be Warned of Human Rights.

    Human Rights is what the left wants to get more predictable voters out of Illegals while having the rest of us in economic and social bondage to pay for them forever.

    This is not the same as Constitutional Rights.

    It is Constitutional Rights ...not Human Rights..

    Bernie is an Ishmaelite con man....if he is so big on Human Rights when his oath is to the Constitution of the United States and Constitutional Rights.

    Be warned...the con Job.....the bait and switch taking place right in front of you.

    Tell others in your list and groups......get them to teach others to become awakened to what is going on out here by con men...

    Be Warned

    Constitutional Rights not Human Rights.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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