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Thread: You gotta be educated to become this stupid......

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    Default You gotta be educated to become this stupid......

    You gotta become educated to become this giftedly stupid but this is a textbook example of what is coming to America. In some respects it is already here.

    I also keep stating that someone out here wants to turn us into Englishmen and or Continentals. To feminize the American neuter him.....

    Only education can dumb people down this far...a television and movie education.

    here...this link...this is what is coming to America..

    Historically men tend towards doing....they do things..get things done. They don't feel things done or get others to do it for get others to "Flashdance" them through life's hurdles.

    Men tend to look up to achievers....those who get things done. Men tend to admire people who take risks and succeed in their risk taking.

    And men talk about others who get things done and how they did things done. About others who take risks in getting things done and succeed.

    This means mental and spiritual conditioning....towards a definite skill set.

    Getting others to do things for you means social skills are the route to getting things done...politics. Not figuring out how to do things yourself...take risks to get them done.

    Women tend to use and rely on their social skills more than do getting things done. This particularly once children are involved.
    And women/females do not tend to take risks which will jeopardize their feminine attraction skill...their beauty skills...the ability to draw a male to them....against other competitors.

    Once you go down this road to feminizing the men....and remove from them their willingness to take lessen the pool of risk takers available to women...and children.
    And women tend to want a man/male who is not competition for them in the emotions or drama department....feminized competition.....more drama and emotions then they and children....high maintenance.

    This kind of educated stupidity.........puts people in a position to be more dependent on government to fill the risk taking roles.
    This is why the male must be create more dependency on government...not independency.

    You have to become educated to become this naturally and giftedly stupid because when seconds count .....government is minutes to hours away....if not days away.

    Don't get me wrong here...I do not watch sports nor spend my time talking about sports....nor worship at the sports altar. I am not interested in Kobe Bryant and other sports figures but am aware of their contributions to sports...risk taking...achievement.

    I do feel sympathy for Kobe Bryants relations...and their loss.

    But I do not worship at the altar of Sports so to do so many Americans. Nor do I read the sports page of the news paper.

    However..if the marketplace is willing to pay these people to play problem by me...this is free market capitalism at work. I have no objections with this.

    My hero's are in other arenas than the demi gods of sports. My achievers/risk takers are in other arenas than sports.

    Only education/propaganda/Kool aid can dumb a people down to be this naturally stupid.

    And this Kool aid is coming to America as we are being turned into Englishmen and Continentals...internationalists......"Feminized"

    When you feminize the males/ create competition for women..not a help mate.
    And women understand this kind of social competition more acutely than do most males/men.

    This too is why it is kool aid...and stupid..

    And these feminized stupids are becoming our leaders. Just look at the Democratic election line up. Giving away other peoples monies..other peoples risk some can get it for free...for votes to keep and maintain power.

    Not creating jobs...achieving .....but creating more government dependency.

    Virginia....disarming the people....leading to more government depencency..not indepencency...and self design.

    You gotta be educated to be that giftedly stupid that you don't see the kool aid someone is trying to feed us in government"Herding."

    Ishmaelites run Wild.

    Be Warned the English/Continental dependency feminization being planned for America. Not independency..but government dependency.

    The American system is one designed of Independency...not dependency. Once you understand this ....go back and look more closely at both the Republican and Democrat parties and see which party teaches this to the American people....even look at our education system...financed by the body politic.

    Yet you know deep down in your American heart..that this is true...Independency versus Dependency.

    Which system is one of whoredom....buying, selling, and or trading the very soul of America...for power and control....Dependency versus Independency?????

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    Now for step two of this article and or OP on Stupid....

    If you the members understand the point/points I am attempting to make about Independency versus government will now understand what I am going to state here.

    The most independent recognizing minded individual in America is the white heterosexual Christian male.

    If you the members here comprehend the width and breadth of this independence and the need to move toward government dependence in everything .you can now understand the push to demonize the White male...particularly the White Heterosexual Christian male.

    You can now understand why the white male is the new Extremist terrorist threat in America.

    It is his independent streak...and the need of internationalists to feminize him and or make him part of the feminine "Herd."

    Failing the feminization of the White Heterosexual Christian male...demonize and marginalize him in everything American.

    And this is also why California and New York are so important as role models for the rest of us to follow.....dependency and feminization...Herd animals...places where they think they are the "Herd" and the rest of us must follow suit.

    After all ...they know what is best for the rest of America.....particularly Hollywood.

    Ishmaelites at work.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    Been thinking further on this independence versus government fostered dependence taking place socially and politically.

    What has come to me is this.......


    Is MAGA independence or dependence on the part of the Trump and Company administration????

    Thinking this has a bearing on the Impeachment urgency coming up to the 2020 election. Thinking that MAGA is more liberty, freedom, and or options to the American public ...versus dependence on government. More Independence from Government and towards individual liberty and freedom.

    Even the so called minority folks are getting more out of the system and more from which they did not get from their regular voting blocks or political parties and they are coming awake to this understanding. This is very very dangerous to a system designed to keep them right were they have been for many many leftist...for more government dependency....not independency.

    With MAGA many are coming to realize and live this new facet and with surprise. This is very very dangerous to the status quo....of the left.
    It is also very dangerous to internationalism as well...which is also dependency....overlords...not independence.

    It would explain and clarify much of the rabid vitriol from the left and the phony media against MAGA and Trump and Company.

    To me it would put Light on the Ishmaelite behaviors going on Light on the Media as part of the left's Ishmaelite stance as well.

    Independence versus government dependence........Isaac versus Ishmael.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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