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Thread: new cancer cure ?

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    Default new cancer cure ?

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    The president recently alluded to some amazing discoveries that "nobody thought was possible" being released soon.

    Hopefully this is one of them and will lead to a cure to rid the world of one of it's oldest scourges - cancer.

    There was an article back in October about the US Navy having patented a new containment system that was expected to lead to "appliance sized" over-unity fusion power generation. Experimental fusion reactors tend to be huge and cost millions because of the plasma containment systems involving massive super-cooled superconducting magnets. The new containment system does away with those via a set of rotating heads of some kind (sorry, I follow technology but this is over my head) which drastically slashes the cost and size parameters. Maybe there will be significant developments here "in such a short time" as the president alluded.

    The Navy's Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild

    Think of all the ways something like this would change our world for the better.

    Imagine an appliance the size of a refrigerator or deep freeze that sits in your basement or next to the house. It gets refueled with non-radioactive "heavy water" every few months, and provides all the power you need for heat, lights, whatever you need juice for. No overhead power lines. No buried "live" power cables. Run a cord to charge up your electric car - or one better, devise a smaller fusion unit to power the car ("Mr. Fusion").

    Imagine no more offshore oil rigs or dangerous super-tankers crossing the ocean, never again a "Deep Horizons" or Exon Valdez oil spill costing millions or billions to clean up.

    No more fracking and flamable tap-water become just memories.

    No wars over oil or coal or natural gas. No manipulation of nation states via control over their energy supply. We get to tell the "carbon footprint" ecobunnies to take a hike!

    Affordable energy for any purpose - desalination plants to produce abundant water to make the deserts bloom. Third world nations prospering to the point they lift their poorest out of poverty and into 1st world living standards. With nearly free energy, manufacturing costs decline, making business more profitable and goods more affordable.

    Within a generation or two, we are living like The Jetsons.

    I wonder what else might be in that pipeline of "discoveries" the president was hinting at? Hopefully a cornucopia of previously suppressed marvels that we should have had decades ago but for the skullduggery of those who seek to hold onto the reigns of power and care little for the sufferings of a sick, hungry, thirsty, impoverished and war-weary world.
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    I'm so tempted to point out that I hope there is NO CANCER CURE, because if there is, the demorats will again impeach Trump for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyGunn View Post
    I'm so tempted to point out that I hope there is NO CANCER CURE, because if there is, the demorats will again impeach Trump for it.
    Not only that, but big pharmacy will likely pay congress millions (under the table, of course) to keep it squashed.

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    And how do you think RBG has beat cancer so many times?? She gonna live forever!!!!

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    What will happen, is like when a new safety item is added to automobiles, everyone drives them to the max, expecting this new item will save them. I would now expect a population explosion....those with cancer histories in their families, thinking damn the torpedoes.
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