I got to thinking about the democratic primaries...the various caucuses etc etc. I won't be watching any of them but nonetheless my mind and once again my brain got to running along rabid trails as it is oft want to do. This in particular when observing two legged wildlife in it's natural habitat.

Ok here goes down some rabid trails.. Am I nuts or what??

Abortion...unlimited and on the public purse to get the female vote. Subsidizing the female sex life for votes on the public purse...no public foreplay while paying for this.

Illegal aliens to be put on the public purse with the eventual goal of putting them on the public voting rolls to be able to out vote natural American citizens. again buying votes...and on the public purse.

Medicaid for all and once again for which some Americans will have to pay while others get it for free...for votes again. Like Obama Care...some will pay twice so some get it for free. And again ...someone buys votes on the public purse.

The common denominator here seems to be that someone gets votes for free...on the public purse...and the working Americans get to pay for it.

Can any of the members think of other such instances where the left gets monies..it costs them nothing and they wind up working the system to buy votes??

I cant remember the particular details but there was some kind of shenanigans years ago with Obama and GM being in financial straights and the money went to the union to buy the union votes instead of paying the shareholders.

Was asking myself how much more the left is going to promise to give away out of the public purse in the various caucuses coming up....for votes.

Economic/social bondage for votes.

You know this gets to become as a re run you have seen all too many times..it gets predictable.

But you know what gets me is that the Republicans are silent when this is happening. They cannot possibly be that dumb....can they???

My sometimes rabid non Ishmaelite thoughts,