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Thread: White House bans guests and staffers from using their personal cell phones

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    Default White House bans guests and staffers from using their personal cell phones

    White House bans guests and staffers from using their personal cell phones

    Some staffers have complained that the new rule will make it harder for them to stay in touch with their families throughout the work day. But they won't be entirely cut off from technology.

    "Staff will be able to conduct business on their government-issued devices and continue working hard on behalf of the American people," Sanders said in a statement Thursday.

    But some aides still complained that government-issued phones won't allow texting, according to Bloomberg.
    This change makes total sense to me and for many here it's probably surprising this wasn't implemented earlier.

    Every mobile phone has a microphone and a camera built in.

    Every mobile phone is capable of transmiting data wirelessly.

    Every mobile phone is a little "computer" in an easy to carry hand-held format. It has an operating system just like every other kind of computer.

    And just like every other kind of computer, it can be infected with virus/malware/spyware. What's more, since it's "online" 24/7 it is available to hackers remotely 24/7.

    There are some very special high security phones that are (mostly) impervious to these threats. Average "hey I just got the new Android/iPhone!" are NOT.

    So how do you feel about a hacker being able to plant a bug with microphone and camera inside the White House that they can access any time they want, or just stream all the data in a continuous flow, saved to ginormous arrays of hard disks to be gone through later by a small army of people looking for "something, anything" they can use or market?

    Do you think the Chinese (just to cite one interested and capable party) wouldn't be willing to do this? Hell I would wager that any sufficiently funded and staffed commercial enterprise (if you can't think of one, maybe you can GOOGLE it?) should be capable of retrieving worthwhile inside info in this way.

    People whose reaction is "gee that sounds unpopular with the employees" have lost sight of what's at stake here and how vital secret information is so casually available because no system is perfect.

    I think I can offer an opinion on WHY it wasn't implemented before now, and that is because the NSA has been capturing a lot of data in EXACTLY this manner, and it can now be discontinued because the evidence they needed to charge key players acting at odds with this country's best interests is now all in the hopper and ready to turn over for prosecution. But that's just one man's (mine) interpretation.
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    considering everything they've tried concerning spying on the White House and impeaching Trump >>> I wouldn't let ANY devices into certain parts of the WH ....

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    Excellent! Agreed. This should have been done a long time ago.
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    Absolutely, we spy on them this way, they might have been clued into how to do it, LOLOL J/K
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