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I agree that shutters are a great tool to have, but realistically they are not very useful against someone who has no intentions of breaking into your home and is instead more interested in simply getting you to evacuate all together and take your home along with everything in it that you weren't able to carry out as you ran for your life trying not to get shot by them as they shoot through your outer walls or set one side of your house on fire.

Yes, if it's a relatively low scale SHTF event that is either localized or short term, then the things you mentioned will be of great help, but if it's an all out long term SHTF event, then people trying to break into your home through your windows or doors will be the least of your worries.

We really need to do better at grasping what a SHTF event truly means as it pertains to our long term survivability .
Well Sir, lets look at those metal roll down shutters, AR500 seems to work well, Multiply layered windows rated B6. If your home is built out of concrete and earthen sheltered...You can't torch concrete like a tinder box like most US homes are made of... If you have friends who are think outside the box type. You might have them come by and tell you how they would attack your place. Of course if they are professionals they way they would go after the place will differ from the world of Amateurs....Might ask a amateur how they would do it...

Also would say this is a good reason why not to keep all things at your home...Having a cache or 2 or 10 depending on your location etc. Even then you might also plan a way to take your home back from evil doers if it happens to get taken. You know while your not there or have guests waiting on you when you were away visiting grandma and SHTF while away.....I don't think inside the box, a product of having dyslexia is your mind is always working on problems...