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Thread: The Top Ten Most Influential Books of All Time Be it for good or evil, the

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    Default The Top Ten Most Influential Books of All Time Be it for good or evil, the

    Curious as to what the members see in this book list. I found it of interest of sorts. New Age interest.



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    Clickbait darn Carfax commercials and pop ups. Happy to see the Bible beat out the koran. I thought the art of war by sun tsu would be in tjere

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    The blurb on Machiavelli's THE PRINCE was myopic, as most are on his work. Machiavelli's work (and THE PRINCE was really only a handbook for the impatient princes --- DISCOURSES ON LIVY was his grand vision) was basically on effective political leadership, written in a time of political distress. It can be applied for both good and evil purposes. It is not being "apologetic" to say that it could be used to good purposes, it's simply true. Niccolò Machiavelli was a good Catholic and actually fought for his country.

    As for the other books.... I don't know a lot about some. Thus Sprake Zarathustra seems like it's too forgotten in today's world. Nietche is not universally admired .....

    Well, I'll shut up now, let others comment.

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    10. Atlas Shrugged
    9. The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
    8. Das Kapital
    7. History of the Peloponnesian War
    6. Thus Spake Zarathustra
    5. The Prince
    4. The Republic
    3. The Origin of Species
    2. The Principia, Issac Newton
    1. The Bible
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