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    I was wondering why we haven't heard from this one in a while...I'm guessing this might have something to do with it. This goes into a person who was under oath and was discussing how Qatar's money spent on her. She also used her clearance to pass sensitive information from Qatar to Iran.....You know its been a while sense someone has been shot for treason.I'm wondering if this isn't a good example of the right time to bring it back.

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    Was wondering the same about Obama as well as Valery Jarrett both....Ishmaelites.


    Not an Ishmaelite

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    I still can't believe this diaper -head isn't in Federal custody. Considering a white man who uses a plastic straw would have been water-boarded by now, and these idiots want to take our guns ??!!!

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    she one of the three Jihad Squad under some kind of investigation and House discipline - Omar isn't even the worst of the three at this time >>> not sure if this kind of testimony will be taken seriously ...

    could see Omar defeated in the next election before anything actually is done about her various acts & violations ...

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    This is like a group of good cops covering up and defending a bad cop. Nothing is going to come of this.
    Situations like this have been going on for years with members of both sides of the political spectrum.
    Fast and Furious, Feinstein and her chinese spy driver, Clinton foundation, IRS and conservative groups, Ford and Kavanah confirmation....
    Quid Pro Quo has been going on for a long time between the two parties, they just covered for each other because they themselves were compromised and just as guilty.
    She has two things going for is her religion.......I'll let you ponder the second one.

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